Kvalident s.r.o.

Trojick√° 7, Praha 2, 12800

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We are offering complex dental care for both children and adults. As our goal is satisfaction of our patients we apply only advanced technologies and materials including: composite fillings, whole porcelain crowns and veneers, cutting-edge dental implants, teeth whitening and teeth fluoridation. We use Zeiss microscopes, laser caries detection, computer tomography, digital radiography and innovative methods of piezosurgery. Pursuing the individual approach, we will always suggest a perfect solution to you.

Moreover, we are the only dental clinic in the Czech Republic that uses the latest sophisticated equipment produced by BioResearch Inc., USA for the detection and treatment of different functional disorders of the maxillofacial region especially of the temporomandibular joint.

The recent development of medical research enables the practical application of its latest achievements in dentistry. Unfortunately, the out-of-date range of methods and materials covered by insurance companies cannot be used to achieve long-lasting results. These obsolete means and techniques could at best be evaluated as temporary and at worst as harmful. For these reasons we do not use amalgams, one point technique of root filling, etc.

Many people think that qualitative dental treatment is very expensive and they can hardly afford it. Our clinic breaks this conventional misconception by offering high quality for decent prices.

We cordially invite you to come to a preliminary examination and to get a small present prepared for you. From the preliminary examination you will receive your individual plan of treatment, aesthetic restoration or prophylactic.

Kvalident s.r.o.

Trojick√° 7, Praha 2, 12800

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