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Dr. Eric Rafoth is the first and only American dentist to be licensed in the Czech Republic. He comes from Seattle, Washington.

We focus on taking care of you and your family in a safe and comfortable way so that you'll have healthier teeth and a naturally beautiful smile. Your comfort is our top priority and you'll always have our complete attention.

We are happy to answer your questions and we'll help you decide what's best for your smile. We are located inside the Erpet building. Please call us today at 773 505 773.

Insurance we work with: Cigna, Tricare, Bupa, Metlife, Aetna, Allianz, SOS International, and others.

Ask us about a free 15 minute cosmetic consultation. We will discuss how to improve your smile, the best way to whiten your teeth, or any other questions you might have.

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Best dentist that I've been to!

posted by Jessica Ward
19:07:40 27/03/2017

Dr. Eric Rafoth did the most incredible job fixing my tooth when I broke my crown while on holidays. He made sure that everything was completed during my short time in Prague and made suggestions for further work that I can have done back in Australia on another tooth. He actually made visiting the dentist enjoyable and I could not have asked for a better result. Eric and his dental assistant really care about their patients and complete everything to the highest standard. Would absolutely recommend to anyone!

Great Experience

posted by Anthony Thomas
07:07:36 10/02/2017

I went to Dr. Eric in December to fix a filling that had been previously placed by another dentist. My tooth was really sensitive prior to going to Dr. Eric and needed to be fixed. After seeing Dr. Eric I had my first piece of crispy bacon in 6 months that didn't make me jump out of my shoes. I've eaten a couple of other hard foods just to test it and still no problems. I'm thankful to Dr. Eric for fixing my filling. Thanks again.

Your only option for dental work in Prague.

posted by Randy Blankenship
18:06:39 20/10/2016

Dr. Eric was a Godsend for me while traveling abroad. I traveled to Prague with friends recently and got sucker punched one night. I woke up bewildered and without an idea of what to do. I called around to many dentists and saw one individual the first day who have me ibuprofen and suggested I "rest". Dr. Eric returned my call and left a voicemail saying he was concerned and would see me the following day even though he was off for the day. He took X-rays and correctly diagnosed a fractured jaw. Called the embassy, reached out to an oral surgeon in Prague for me, and directed me to a dental emergency center. While at the emergency center, I had him translate for me to ensure I was getting the treatment I needed over the phone. He texted me later that day and even a week after I had returned to the states to make sure I was ok. Great family man and an American who has your best interest in mind. Cannot say enough about this doctor. So lucky to have met him.

Great attention to detail, patience, and thoroughness

posted by Sarah.Choi
20:08:02 13/01/2015

Dr. Eric goes above and beyond- not just in terms of quality of service, but also in terms of the level of care given to the patient. The following excerpt is from an email I just sent to Dr. Eric (earlier today): "... I wanted to say Thank You again for your attentiveness and follow-up, i.e. "aftercare" of patient, etc. ... And I have to add--- your overall attention to detail, patience, and thoroughness are greatly appreciated (e.g. kindness in answering my questions re: treatment during my appointments, detailed text messages in response to "additional" questions after treatment, quickly setting up a "10min. appointment" for re-evaluation of fillings after treatment, etc.)."

Great with Kids

posted by Anonymous
22:10:46 22/07/2014

Dr. Eric has been great for our basic dental care as well as some minor cosmetic work I have had done that I'm really happy with. On top of that, Dr. Eric is really great with kids. My 3 year old didn't want to leave after his recent dental cleaning if that tells you anything. ;) He really puts in the extra time and effort with young children to make them feel comfortable. Highly recommend him for the whole family!