Factoring KB, a.s.

Na Porici 36, Praha 1, 11000

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The year 2003 was the year when our Company begun the second five-year period of its existence. It was the year when we pursued achievement of demanding objectives setout by our shareholder. The annual turnover of Factoring KB, a.s. reached the amount CZK 9.192 billion, which represents an annual increase by 14%. We have signed more than 200 new factoring agreements and processed over 155 000 invoices.

The year 2004 brings changes not only to Factoring KB, a.s. but also to the entire Czech Republic. We believe that the positive effects our business co-operation with the EU deepening will influence also development of the factoring business.

On April 21, 2004 Factoring KB, a.s. hosted the traditional exhibition. This time our clients and business partners had the possibility to admire work of an academic artist, graphic and painter, Miroslav Houště.

Factoring KB, a.s.

Na Porici 36, Praha 1, 11000

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