Francouzska 4, Praha 2, 12000

  • Phone+420 603176111


Stylish coffee house/bar/restaurant at Namesti Miru.

Serving continental cuisine at fairly affordable prices. Website is in Czech only. Music Bar and Club located downstairs.


Francouzska 4, Praha 2, 12000

2.6 Reviewed by 5 users

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Racist/rude doorstaff

Reviewed by arwenf-uk 08.05.2012
Went to retro last night with my boyfriend and a friend. As seems to be the norm in cz - we girls got waved through and they stopped my boyfriend to search him. He then calls us back and tells us he is not allowed in. When we asked why, the doorman said 'he is Romanian, we don't allow any Eastern European people here. they cause trouble'. (I know this to be untrue as I have romanian/bulgarian friends who go there on a regular basis) we asked... read more


Reviewed by visigirl 02.08.2007
This place really needs to change its staff. I also tried to have a business breakfast there. I arrived at 7.55 am, five minutes before opening. The waitress snapped in a rude voice that they were closed. When I asked if I could sit down and wait 5 minutes, she barked that I have to come back in 5 minutes (which at that point was 3 minutes). Needless to say, I never went back and I never will.

Retro at Nam Miru

Reviewed by Sid Lickman 24.07.2007 (gold reviewer) Gold
Malehood and I had absolute opposite experiences at this joint. Two Wednesdays ago, I had a business breakfast there, well I tried to, anyway. A full 1/4 of the breakfast menu wasnt available, the juice was not fresh, just came out of a supermarket brand name, and they had no bread. My business guest asked for toast and jam, they brought him a chocolate muffin and jam. The waitress didnt even apologize for the switch, she just said, "We... read more

Retro Restaurant Namesti Miru

Reviewed by malehood 23.07.2007 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
Went there on Friday with friends for wine and dinner and we got Very Good food at very decent prices and most of all excellent waiters. Really the the best waiting staff is probably in this restaurant. The restaurant itself is very spacious and very comfortable.

Elegant cool, good cheap breakfast

Reviewed by Julie 14.05.2005 (gold reviewer) Gold
In the space that was once a car showroom, Retro is a beautiful room serving up wonderful continental cuisine at reasonable prices. Cool metal, glass, wood, stone and skylights come together to make Retro a very stylish place. Super cheap breakfasts (though they did figure out that the French breakfast for 45kc was too low, as it´s now 75kc, still a deal) and a selection of newspapers makes this a nice place to start the day. A good... read more