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For a relaxing, chill out dinner, your best bet is the lounge fx. Dim lighting, comfy sofas and chairs, all in an oriental theme design, contribute to the calming atmosphere.

Our bar offers over 390 drinks, and with cool music on top of it all, the lounge fx is sure to relax and indulge your senses. Check out our live lounge djs on the weekends. The Radost FX restaurant is made up of two separate spaces: the cafe fx, and the lounge fx. Before you enter the complex, you can see through the large glass windows, a very romantic and eclectic cafe. Here you can try out our breakfast menu, which runs from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. From 11:00 a.m. on, our delicious, massive, vegetarian menu kicks in, both in the lounge and the cafe. Our wide range menu offers recipes from Greece, India, Thailand, and Mexico, and is served in to the wee hours of the morning.

A Moulin Rouge style bar offers comfortable seating with a view of the dance floor, and if your looking for privacy, a mirrored golden alcove is optimal for chilling out...the range of comfortable divisions in the night club are expertly contributed to with luscious fabrics and pillows...and, of course, mixed in with it all is the rawness of a true, underground house club.

What else falls under the Radost FX dynasty? Planet fx, the sister company to Radost FX, is the production division of Radost that has put together small club events, as well as events for up to 2,000 people. We specialise in theme parties, and have also organised cd christenings, birthday parties, large company events, Christmas parties, anniversaries, product launch parties, private home parties, theme parties for magazines, modeling competitions, benefits, after parties for award ceremonies, and film and commercial opening and wrap parties.

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Cool funky atmosphere-tons of veggie food

posted by dolphingirl
14:02:21 22/04/2005

Radost will always hold a special place in my heart as it´s the first place I ate at in Prague. Large portions rule here! The vegetarian, though not calorie conscious, choices are tasty. Nachos and the hummus platter are personal faves. The atmosphere during the day is that of a funky coffeehouse, as the front room is done in “Shabby Chic” and the back lounge is “early harem” - the lounge in the evening is like someone´s loud fun house party. The Friday happy hour from 4-9pm with half price drinks definitely fuels this. The staff is friendly and English-speaking, but the kitchen can be slow, especially on the weekends when they are turning out brunch (which is one of the best reasons to come to Radost, excellent brunch menu on both Saturday and Sunday).

Radost - food poising AGAIN

posted by Anonymous
09:09:56 08/09/2006

Fantastic restaurant, the food is excellent and served in to the early hours of the morning. I´m sad to say that I will have to avoid eating in Radost in the future; they seem to have some sort of fundamental hygiene problem. I personally have had gastroenteritis (food poising) due to the food in Radost and quite a surprising number of my friends have suffered from food poising after eating in Radost, one girl even needed hospitalization. The second thing that infuriates me is that they add 10% to the bill however they still make you feel guilty if you do not tip on top of that. Interesting read: /prague/t-117825.html /prague/t-110120.html


posted by Anonymous
13:01:42 20/08/2007

On Monday last week, I went with a Czech student to Radost, we paid separately and they attempted to be overcharge us both. After querying this they then attempted to under-change us both. As we paid seperately, that's four mistakes. Possibly a coincidence, however.... On Thursday, I met my friends there for a drink. They had already been there for two hours, and had had a few cocktails, but the bill came with 20 on it, this was clearly a mistake, as the four of them were all very coherent, and had had beers as well. When we tried to point out the seemingly obvious mistake to the waitress and bartender, they got extremely unpleasant, and consequently we were there for an hour trying to patiently explain to them their mistake! In the end they discounted a few drinks, and needless to say, we didn't pay the 'optional' service charge. I'm understand that mistakes happen, but I don't understand the aggressiveness that came with it. I'm usually pretty forgiving, but that totally ruined the evening. I used to love Radost, but being ripped off there twice in one week, then being accused of lying means I seriously discourage anyone from going there, or if you must, check your bill! :)