RubeŇ°ova 636/6, Praha 2, 12000

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COMPUTER DOCTOR is serving the expat community for more than 20 years now.

We serve many top companies, embassies as well as small businesses and home-based users.

We offer a full service, including all kinds of repairs - upgrades - new computers - internet/wifi - networking - virus clearing, hard-dive data recovery, Broad band Internet installations. Wireless networks, telephone line setup Dish&TV tuning, one to one computer lessons, and much more...

We make visits direct to your home and office. If you have a problem, we can fix it.

Call us now, talk to our English-speaking staff: +420-602 375 030


RubeŇ°ova 636/6, Praha 2, 12000

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Internet + Hard drive problem

Reviewed by James Smith 11.07.2022
Fast and great service! Very good experience. :)

Service on Mac Pro

Reviewed by Massimo Rugo 09.10.2021
Professional and honest. I like that, so for sure they got a new client.

Broken Hard drive

Reviewed by Sara Diez Dancausa 19.05.2020
I called Frantisek because of the reviews posted in this community. He replied immediately and took my laptop right away. He gave me his honest professional opinion and I made a decision based on his judgement. I got back my laptop within 4 days. The data could not be retrieved and the only thing I would have liked to know in advance is the budget of the repairs and costs options. However, I would come back if needed (I really hope I will not... read more

Great Business. They figure it out for you.

Reviewed by Ryan Williamson 30.11.2017
Martin helped me out. He worked with my price range, realized I had a schedule dependent on the computer he was fixing, and just figured it out. He was upfront, honest and fast. The only reason to call another business is to get a price range. If you need work done quickly, bring your equipment to these guys first. Real businessmen.

Laptop hard drive/data recovery

Reviewed by lkoch 19.06.2013
Excellent service on replacement of hard drive on laptop and recovery of all data. Drop computer at shop on Thursday evening. Leave town Friday morning. All ready on return for pick up on Tuesday. All data recovered. Reasonable price and easy communication. Good experience.

Very average

Reviewed by Mark Gralton 05.03.2013
After 2 hours and 1400Kc my computer is pretty much the same, satellite tuning is 10 times worse than before and we have to pay a real satellite tuner to come out !! Waste of money and time for me!

great service and help

Reviewed by Marc Alan 02.09.2011
They fix everything :-) .. Fast service I recommend to all ..

Really helpful

Reviewed by gsn 07.09.2010
I've used Computer Dr several times over the past couple of years for various problems. I've always been impressed with Frantisek's ability to sort things out as quickly as possible. He even managed to sort out the terrible internet connection that O2 installed and couldn't get to work (after3 visits!) it was up working after 1 quick visit from C. D. Great


Reviewed by writingman 16.08.2010
These guys kept my computer for a week. They never called me when they said they would. In fact I don't even know if they opened up the computer. In the end, I still had the same problems once I brought the computer home. Beware!


Reviewed by Jason Pirodsky 11.02.2010 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
In agreement with the previous review. PC wouldn't start, I didn't have the time or resources to look into it, gave Computer Doctor a call and they were at my flat in less than a couple hours, PC fixed 40 minutes later. Technician was friendly, informative, fluent English. Turned out to be a faulty power supply, and the technician had the foresight to bring a replacement with him. I think their prices are (slightly) high-ish, but for me at... read more

Prompt, polite, professional service

Reviewed by miss_merlot 13.02.2009 (silver reviewer) Silver
Called Frantisek in some desperation about the sudden dire state of my laptop (my lifelife!) yesterday evening, and he was at my door at 9.30 this morning to fix it - totally sorted the problem within 45 minutes and gave my computer a thorough clean out while he was at it as well. Punctual, polite, flawless English, professional service - not sure how his prices compare to other repair places, but from my point of view it was definitely 700... read more