Společnosti pro Vás s.r.o.

Revoluční 1003/3, Praha 1, 11000

  • Phone+420 605966381


Společnosti pro Vás provides a comprehensive service for people wishing to start a company. Our goal is to provide our clients with fast and problem-free entry onto the market through the sale of “ready-made companies” or professional assistance when establishing a turnkey company so that it precisely corresponds to our clients’ specific requirements.

Společnosti pro Vás offers for immediate sale ready-made companies that have not yet been involved in any activities and on whose behalf you can act immediately. We also offer professional services to companies and new entrepreneurs when establishing a new company so that it corresponds to their specific requirements. If you are interested we can also provide other services connected with your business.

Společnosti pro Vás s.r.o.

Revoluční 1003/3, Praha 1, 11000

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Reviewed by adriklei 14.04.2011
Great staff and a great company. I highly recommend their services.