Šťastná mysl

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The "Stastna mysl" project was created on the basis of my lifelong learning and travel. First as a means for my personal development, later for solving any internal problem or resistance, for removing blocks, where we defend ourselves in the path of happiness or abundance. I work on the basis of neuroscientific knowledges and at the same time knowledges from my spiritual life. I also teach the ancient technique of 5 Tibetans to compare the energy in the body, harmonize the chakras and stimulate the endocrine glands, where this exercise greatly helps the proper functioning of our body and also eliminates back, head or joint pain. Versatile tool, when within 5 min. per day, you can do a piece of work on yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Šťastná mysl

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Reviewed by Jan Kolín 19.10.2020
Coaching with Veronika Petrova was the most active, inspiring and motivating. The technique that Veronika uses is effectively changed, a surprisingly structured tool for personal and professional development, which is focused on me to discover and develop inner potential and support. It gaves me a great opportunity to move myself and work on developing new goals, visions and dreams.