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Are you looking to increase your performance? Work with your thoughts and goals in a positive manner? Get more motivated and achieve the things that matter to you? Prioritize your life so that you are doing the important things rather than just wandering through life? Then Coaching is perfect for you.

Having years of world class martial arts training, earning two medals from the Junior Olympics, many regional golds, and teaching children Taekwondo, I realized that helping others to achieve lasting peak performance is my passion. Life's too short to struggle with confidence, nerves or anxiety, and thoughts of not being good enough. Let me help you to exceed your potential. My martial arts master taught me that our limits are only walls to be demolished. Learn and develop ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.

Career Coaching:

Many of us feel in a rut when it comes to our careers. This type of session will help inspire you to be an achiever in life and especially at work. Learn to center yourself, interact with colleagues and subordinates with ease, deal with stress, and surpass your boundaries.

Sports Coaching:

Do you feel like you have the talent and skill set but it doesn't show during games or competitions? Do you have issue keeping that high level of focus and calm? My coaching style will help guide you to understand how your body communicates with you and what processes it is going through, examine thoughts both positive and negative to keep on the path towards our goal, and learn how to deal with the pressure of stress from major events by working with values.

Music Coaching:

Being a musician requires top level focus, pure relaxation, and on top of that a stream of emotions. Learn techniques on how to harness these areas, how to replenish them faster, how to find one's motivation and creativity in their art, and how to be an outstanding performer. Learn to connect what the body is communicating while performing, examine thought processes, and deal with heavy amounts of stress through working with values.

Short Personal Bio:

Cord Thomas started a 9 month coaching course with Ivan Cernohorsky in 2018. In February of 2019 he completed the ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) in the workplace trainers course for coaches and clinical psychologists held in London with Paul Flaxman and Ross McIntosh. He has spent the last few years gaining experience not only in sports and music, but also in business, spending the last 3 1/2 years in the corporate environment of eBay in the IT/Marketing sphere. Project management, managing key stakeholder expectations, and quarterly and yearly project planning are all part of the daily job. Cord is also a certified Les Mills Body Combat instructor. He studied International Relations at Anglo-American University. Cord first moved to the Czech Republic in 2009 through an exchange program, speaks fluent Czech almost as a native speaker, and is a native English speaker from the west coast of the United States.

60 min. Session: 1000 CZK / 40 EUR
90 min. Session: 1400 CZK / 55 EUR
Workshops: Please reach out for an offer.

Coaching Praha

Žitomírská 744/26, Praha 10, 10100

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very useful sessions

Reviewed by Mihai Craciun 04.02.2020
Although reluctant at first, the decision to meet Cord was one of the best I've made in recent years. Working with him helped me dial in and reach a better focus both in sports and in my personal life. I learned how to work with my emotions rather than letting them take over or ignoring them all together. I no longer have outbursts of anger, or let myself getting upset take me out of the game because I know I’m working towards MY goals and... read more

Thanks Cord!

Reviewed by Allain Curtís 01.02.2020
Working with Cord was wonderful. He helped me target my energy towards what brings the most value to my everyday life. He helped me sort through the distracting, and sometimes negative thoughts in order to really grab a hold of what my core priorities are. This approach ultimately led to achieving the milestones we set during our coaching sessions and enabled me to handle new challenges as they came. I look forward to my ongoing coaching... read more