Coach - Life & Career Monika Hansson Tutter

Pobřežní 249/46, Praha 8, 18600

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I will help you solve your situation whether you:
… are trying to find out what profession is good for you
… want to change your way of thinking and living, finding balance in your life
… are in a dysfunctional relationship (work, family, children, etc.)
… want to take control of certain aspects of your life
... feel something is limiting or blocking you in your future
... want to get rid of your fears

Watch my TEDx talk here:


Coach - Life & Career Monika Hansson Tutter

Pobřežní 249/46, Praha 8, 18600

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The Best Coach Ever

Reviewed by Martina Huskova 10.07.2016
I value Monika as a great coach and I am so happy to have her in my life. She is always here for me when I am a bit lost both in my private and career matters. She helps me to orientate and to see a different perspective. Sometimes she reveals new alternatives or assists me to get rid of the blocks that prevent me from succeeding to reach my goals. I fully recommend her services to anyone who wants to get an independent opinion, find a new... read more

Coach who knows

Reviewed by Jana Poláčková 30.06.2016
Having Monika as a personal coach was truly an enlightening experience. I was very fortunate to meet her at a time in my life where I was ready to make a positive change to grow personally. In just a few sessions with her, she helped me discover what I valued most and which actions to take to ensure I live my life honoring that. Her non-judgmental and intuitive style allows a person to feel secure in re-surfacing suppressed thoughts and... read more

Professional Coach

Reviewed by Per Hansson 27.06.2016
I have engaged Monika at several occasions personally as well as for my company when both have hit cross roads and the choice has not been so clear to me or to us. We have found Monika's approach and understanding of the situation most helpful and she has played a large roll in us being able to make the correct decision for us as well as for me personally. she is a delightful personality who very quickly can feel out where the real issue lays,... read more