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At the Schill Dental Clinic, we use methods and technologies of the highest standards. Our objective is to make your stay in the dental chair as little painful as possible. You will leave it with a functional, aesthetic and long-lasting result.

Thanks to modern technologies there is no need to wait for a solution of your dental problem anymore. Temporary solutions are history. The all-ceramic crown is provided in a single sitting.

Our team of specialists will look after you and turn your dental visit into a pleasant time. Our dental clinic is situated in the quiet part of Prague’s downtown in the proximity of the historical site of the Vyšehrad monastery. Check out our website to find out more or contact us.

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Monday 8:00: - 20:00
Tuesday 8:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 8:00 - 20:00
Thursday 8:00 - 20:00
Friday 8:00 - 16:00

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Great Dentist and Hygienist

posted by caycee
13:01:26 15/11/2011

I'm an American that grew up seeing the dentist every six months for a check-up and cleaning. I had a really hard time in Prague finding the same type of care. In the past I had been to two different Czech dentists for check-ups covered by insurance, but no one here really seemed to have an interest in helping someone who's teeth didn't have cavities, and cleanings weren't even recommended. I decided to go to Dentaktiv after quite a bit of research and decided I would give them a try. I knew it was private and therefore would not be covered under Czech insurance. I went for a full intro exam with Gabriela, complete with x-rays and special pocket checks, it was definitely the most extensive dental check I have ever had in my life. And even though I have never had a cavity she was able to point out in the x-rays where I have some trouble areas. A great relief that I can catch issues early before major work needs to be performed. I then went to Marketa, the hygienist. Again, I ended up having the most thorough cleaning of my life. Marketa really knows teeth and gums! She's helped me adjust my home cleaning routine so I can obtain absolutely healthy teeth and gums, alongside with her specialty cleaning procedures. I really thought before going to Dentaktiv that my teeth were pretty healthy, especially since after seeing different American hygienists. But after these treatments I'll never be able to settle for anything less. Every procedure is explained thoroughly; and in a nice way, Marketa will break your lazy habits of not flossing enough. I feel confident that following her advice I will keep my healthy teeth and no cavity streak for many years to come. Excellent preventative care, friendly staff, very clean and professional office, also very punctual (I used to hate the horrible wait at my dentist in the states). Examinations and hygiene visits have cost between 750-3,000 czk, these prices are fair for the level of care.

Don't be scared of high prices they are not.

posted by Anonymous
22:10:10 01/04/2008

Well, considering the service. First - Appointment I have booked mine with a two-hour notice. I had a severe complication after a tooth extraction done at another dentistry. After I impatiently complained to the receptionist that I am in sever pain and need to be treated immediately she asked to wait a minute while she talks to one of the doctor to arrange an emergency care. That is an excellent customer service, especially for someone in pain. Second - the treatment. I was sent to Dr. Tylova. She promised that she will be gently and she was. I have not felt much during the treatment and all the pain started to disappear in about an hour after the treatment. I was also explained in a good level of detail what happened to the extraction site, why inflammation had developed there and what kind of treatment she was applying. I felt really safe there. And it was not about money either. They charged me a lot for an emergency treatment. But they gave that money back in form of a discount for a full dental check up. Third - Full dental check up I would go through it just for fun once again. It is hard to imagine how to have fun at a dentist, but believe you me. All my teeth were shown to me on x-ray and detailed explanation was given to every single picture with no questions unanswered. And all of it is such unpatronizing manner, you almost feel like you are talking to an old friend. Forth - Dr Tylova, She is stunning. I really mean it. She is a gorgeously looking young lady. Truly professional, but, boy, she is so gorgeous. Go and see for yourself. You would not be disappointed not in what you see nor in service you get.

Excellent service

posted by steviee
17:05:20 02/02/2008

I have had recent trouble with my lower wisdom tooth, infections et cetra so it finally had to be taken out. I picked this dentist in particular as the reviews were good and the general impression seemed excellent. I am very nervous of dentists and I was very aware that the tooth in question was not a straight forward extraction, this added to my fears. The reception was friendly and relaxing - the surgeon was reassuring and put my fears to rest. The surgeon constantly communicated to me what was happening during the extraction, no pain felt and it was efficient and quick - the whole process took 30 mins. The total cost of the extraction was reasonable too! I thouroughly recommend this dentist!

Great place

posted by Anonymous
20:08:55 14/12/2006

For anybody who's new in the city and looking for a dentist office I recommend this place. First time it happened to me I was looking forward to see my dentist :o. Dr. Kastakova is an angel. I don't know what's pain - she is very gentle. I got some problem with root canal and another private doctor working in Prague 4 wanted to pull my tooth out. A year later I still have the tooth, there's no pain and, according to an X-ray from November, no problem at all. Yes, the prices are high but it's well worth it!

Excellent for Children

posted by Sprtka
19:07:33 13/12/2006

We're a bilingual family and get 95% of our medical care within the state system, but I take my daughters here because of the terrific staff and wonderful surroundings. Dr. Tylova has the best manner with young children I've seen in a dentist anywhere, even with toddlers. The office staff are always kind and friendly, too.