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Since first opening in 2012, we have treated around 7,000 patients from 50 countries.

All of our patients, both from the Czech Republic and abroad, consistently affirm that the treatment received, the quality of the provided healthcare, our patient-friendly approach, and the clinic’s maximum level of comfort make the Prague Proton Therapy Center a unique and trustworthy healthcare institution.

✔️ Modern Diagnostic Center

We offer magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography in combination with computed tomography (PET/CT) examinations not only to our patients, but also to those who have a referral from other clinics or hospitals.

For more information, please visit:

✔️ Modern Cancer Treatment

The aim of modern cancer treatment is to provide patients with the maximum chance of cure while minimising treatment-related side effects. This can be achieved with proton therapy.

At the Proton Therapy Center, we offer a modern, gentle, and accurate form of radiotherapy - proton beam therapy, using pencil beam scanning, allows for a precise dose to be delivered to highly complicated target volumes while sparing nearby critical organs and healthy tissue.

If you would like to learn more about proton therapy and how it works, please visit:

✔️ We Cooperate With Health Insurance Companies

The Proton Therapy Center has concluded contracts with Czech health insurance companies, we also cooperate with Slovak and foreign insurance companies. If your insurance company is not one of our contractual partners, we will assist you in negotiating the approval of your treatment with us on the basis of current applicable legislation.

For more information and support, please visit:

✔️ Prostate Cancer: Preventions Is the Key

Gentlemen, did you know that simple test which measures the amount of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in your blood may help detect prostate cancer at an early stage? Cancer is easier to treat and is more likely to be cured if it's diagnosed in its early stages. You can ask your GP or urologist for the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test. If you do not have this option, we can offer you a comprehensive urological examination.

Visit this page to request an appointment:

✔️ Short Waiting Times

Early diagnosis and treatment are one of the key factors in the success of treatment. As undergoing diagnostic examinations in a timely manner is crucial for determining the next treatment strategy, we pride ourselves in providing short waiting times both for regular visits and treatment.

✔️ We Speak Your Language

There is no need to be concerned about any language barrier, as the doctors and staff that you will encounter at the Proton Therapy Center in Prague speak English. Our treatment coordinators are either native English speakers or have a very high level of fluency. Additionally, our coordinators speak: Czech, Slovak, Serbo-Croatian, and Russian.

✔️ Client-Friendly Approach

We provide an individual approach and endeavour to meet our patients’ physical and psychological needs to the fullest. We offer optimal time and attention and take pride in guiding them personally throughout the treatment process. Our service is based on trust, respect and interpersonal relationships.

✔️ Easily Accessible

Our facility is easily accessible from the city center by public transportation and conveniently located just a 4 minute walk from the Bulovka tram stop.

Parking is also available and it is located right by the main entrance to the Proton Therapy Center, in the Nemocnice Na Bulovce hospital complex. After the first 30 minutes, parking fees apply.

Have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at or +420 222 999 000.

Proton Therapy Center

Budínova 2437/1a, Praha 8, 18000

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