Atoda Medical

U Průhonu 13, Praha 7, 17000

  • Landline+420 277003100
  • Mobile phone+420 773793073


ATODA Medical is a private health center offer complex day patient care.
We will take care about you, your family (incl infants or seniors), your friends or guests.

We emphasize individual care based on partnership coupled with a friendly approach. We are dedicated to making available highly qualified expert physicians. Our medical services are available to you when you need them.

In ATODA Medical we do not promise, we really realize:

Saving time
• sophisticated customer care syste
• no delay for you appoitment ( urgent care immediate, check- up within 3 working days)
• opening hours 7am-7pm
• nonstop on – call service, Home Visits
• 20 specializations in – house
• laboratory tests- in-house equipment, lab results right away, treatment begins immediately, all in one appoitment
• specializations, examinations, surgery, hospitalization –we all arrange with the best option
• no problems with parking – places without limit are in front of the house
• no problems with public transport
• service Direct Billing

Complex care
• multidisciplinary examination – need General Practitioner, Neurology, Rhevmatology examinations - our clients will come just for one appoitment and examinations will be done together
• network of partner health centers and doctors to ensure continuous health care
• our doctors/specialists work at local hospitals -in case of specialist care, they are able to administer treatment in their respective departments to ensure continuous care
• work as a team – our doctors and specialists communicate closely, and all have access to complete medical records of our clients

No compromises – we interface
• dynamics with reliability, performance with friendship, specialization with a broad perspective, modern with respect for traditional value, comprehensice services with a high specialization
• ATODA Medical is a partnership of dozens of excellent personalities, with a great professional backrounds and personal experiences, with a taking care about foreigners.

Standard health care in-house
General practitioner Head of Dep.: MUDr. Henrieta Mavrogeni
Pediatrician Head of Dep: MUDr. Agnieszka Podstolska
Physiotherapy Head of Dep: Mgr. Václav Kubíček

Specialized medical care and others in-house
Alergologie and imunology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Internal medicine, Metabolism and nutrition/obesity, Neurology, Nutritional consulting, Orthopedics, Psychology,
Psychosomatics, Rheumatism,Surgery, Travel health care and vaccinations, Company care
Massage, Pilates, Occupational medical services


ATODA Medical
U Průhonu 13 , Praha 7 - Holešovice

Tel: +420 277 003 100 (opening hours)

Opening hours : 7am-7pm (working days)

Our service is available after-hours by calling +420 773 793 073

Atoda Medical

U Průhonu 13, Praha 7, 17000

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