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Clean Co. is a locally owned and operated company that serves the greater Prague area. Our Goal is to be an excellent, dependable, and professional cleaning service. We tailor-make our service to the requirements of our clients. We speak English, German and Czech. Our services include once-off cleaning, pre- and post-occupational cleaning or weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.

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Very Professional Cleaning Services

posted by Anonymous
18:06:28 27/01/2012

We recently had our white sofa's and Persian carpets cleaned by Clean Co and their service was very professional. I highly recommend Clean Co for all your cleaning needs. A great job - well done!

Worst cleaning agency, over-priced massively unprofessional.

posted by Bluey1
15:03:59 07/11/2017

We have eight years experience in holiday rental with eight apartments and our brief cooperation with Clean Co was the worst we’ve encountered. After a few weeks of their laundry service they lost a large amount of our bedding. They told us to replace it and they’d take it the value off our bill as apparently it ‘often happens’. We did this and were then accused of buying more than was lost, even though they had no proper controls to be sure exactly what was lost. They also complained that we did not buy the ‘cheapest bedding’ even though the bedding they lost was not cheap and they were very aware that we do not rent cheap apartments. The delivery driver was often late and we were once told ‘you never know with them’ when asked arrival time. Communication was very poor as it would often take the owner days to reply to our messages – or she would ignore them. On the final day of cooperation they only told us after we called them that the bedding could not be returned that day, as they had promised. The owner did not reply at all to my message the night before reconfirming pick up of bedding and was surprised we were upset when we had to phone them only to be told the driver was sick and would not come that day. The owner was also rude later writing that she was ‘sick of hearing about our bedding’. Clean co cleaned one of our largest apartments (three-bed) six times and none of the cleans were adequate. We have pictures of bedding being put on beds having not been ironed at all. After each of their cleans my wife had to spend a further two hours to correct their work. We complained three times about the quality and after each occasion we found the same problem after their cleaning staff had left. In the end they told us their ‘top quality’ cleaning agency could not match our high standards – apparently wanting ironed bedding on the bed and quality clean was too much for them. At no point was the owner in anyway apologetic for any of their failings and/or for wasting so much of our time and money. Instead she mostly blamed other people – the delivery driver, cleaners, laundry mat and of course us. All in all, this whole debacle over six weeks including eight pick ups of laundry/ lost bedding and six cleans cost 17,000 CZK with invoice arriving six weeks late. They took 7000 off for bedding they lost but it’s still way over-priced, especially since they did not deliver on of their services. We since found much better company to work with for half the price. Don’t waste your time and money with Clean co, as we unfortunately did. Absolute Jokers!