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With our service the process of Car importing, exporting (even right-hand drive) or car registration of your vehicle in the Czech Republic can be stress free. We can advise on what documentation is required and speak with the Czech authorities (DVLA) on your behalf. We also offer assistance with lost number plates or vehicle registration documents, technical inspection of a used car-vehicle/ STK check and car insurance in Czech Republic. Everything needed to get you and your vehicle on the road as quickly and as stress free as possible.

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Best service that I could recommend: professional, fast and reliable!

posted by Alex Golovitser
14:02:38 04/11/2017

I tried to register my non-EU car by myself or with some advices from people that call themselves "professionals". Some "professionals" refused to even look in my case: it was too hard for them. And I was really lucky to work with Jakub. He just did all work. Fast and professional. I think he is simply the best choice if you need something related to your car. He is real professional in this field. I do recommend him as the best!

Top quality service, highly recommended

posted by Alexander Thomas
12:12:41 25/09/2017

Car Car CZ managed everything form A to Z and allowed me to register an old car with German plates. Jakub made sure everything was done in a quick and efficient manner. I saved myself time and money using his services. If you have just arrived in Czech Republic and need help with registering your car or if you have any questions regarding Czech car legislation, contact Jakub. Thanks for everything !

Excellent service

posted by Michalis.Kamprianis
13:01:00 26/05/2015

Jakub provided an excellent, friendly and hassle-free service in registering my car in CR after me moving to Prague. He offered full visibility of the process, and my involvement was minimum as I wanted and hoped for. Overall, highly recommended

Highly recommended

posted by stefan.bambarac
11:11:00 22/05/2015

the services provided by Jakub are both professional and very fast. had no issue in accompanying me to the seller, to bridge the language gap, also explained all the rules and regulations within the CR, and his services have always been top notch. would recommend it to anyone - the price is more than fair for the level of services provided.

Saved Me

posted by Matt Hadley
17:05:09 20/05/2014

Jakub helped with the export of my car. He was able to do in a few days what my fleet management team could not achieve in 3 months. Use his services, it will save you a lot of time and hassle, well worth the money. Thanks!!