Stará Tkalcovna, restaurace, pivnice a hudební klub Brno

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V netradiční lokalitě jsme se rozhodli otevřít pro Vás novou restauraci.
Restauraci, která připomene slavné časy, kdy město Brno bylo středoevropskou metropolí textilního průmyslu a přezdívalo se mu Moravský Manchester.
Byly to časy, kdy se sem sjížděli obchodníci z celé Evropy a ti sem také přivezli recepty ze svých domovin.
Nechceme Vás ale zatěžovat složitými názvy pokrmů. Proto u nás najdete jídla české i zahraniční kuchyně, kterým budete rozumět.
Především by Vám ale měla chutnat. Jediné, co je u nás staré, je první slovo v názvu restaurace STARÁ TKALCOVNA.

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Who wants RIBS!!!

posted by Dwane Larkin
15:03:42 08/12/2016

I was in one of the local spots for dinner evenings in Brno. I must say that I saw allot of new faces. And a full restaurant. The people were waiting to get a free seat, so I was very happy that I reserved my seats. We were made to feel very welcomed from the moment we got downstairs to the restaurant and service was not too far behind. I do not eat here as much as in the past due to a serious lack of time. I had heard a small rumor across Brno, that there are new BEEF RIBS!!! As someone who does not eat much pork, I was thrilled. I promise I will be going back for another taste soon. This saturday they even have an oldies evening. So, I guess I will return for BEEF Ribs on saturday. Great service, great food, great prices... I suggest you give it a try if you are hungry for something other than pork or chicken. Beef ribs: Slowly roasted in spicy marinde with peppers, served with mustard and toasted bread (1, 3, 10), 750 g

Great Latte...

posted by Dwane Larkin
11:11:57 12/09/2016

I was in this restaurant for a short business meeting today and to my surprise the coffee was well prepared and there was even great service. I came back for lunch and the daily menu was better than some main menus at other restaurants that I have been to. I hope this trend will continue as Stara Tkalcovna is very close to my job and I like to see variety in the menu. Today I had salmon and mashed potatoes. I am so full, that this might be my last meal of the day.. Great job!! And the best part was that I was served so fast I was able to get back to work in record time.