Zborovská 40, Praha, 15000

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Organizing Children parties.
We will make unforgettable celebration of your child birthday. We are able to organize the whole program. We have our own mobile children corner full of fun activities and toys for children. We are organizing theme parties including decorations and cake. We bake the cake ourselves at home and it’s delicious! Contact us for more information.

Babysitting on Weddings
Babysitting at a wedding or corporate event. We are able to provide babysitting for children of your guests. Adults can enjoy wedding entertainment and children will be cared for professionally. We will bring mobile children corner with equipment and we will create a program for children.

Mobile children corner
Fully featured mobile children corner, for the children of your guests. Including children's furniture, toys, coloring books, ceramics, beads, and much more. Design a program for children full of children's activities for the seizure of children of all ages.


Zborovská 40, Praha, 15000

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