PFC - Prague Fertility Centre

Sokolovsk√° 810/304, Praha 9, 19000

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At PFC, in Prague, the Czech Republic, high success rates, advanced Assisted Reproduction laboratory methods, and a personalized approach are expected and delivered. Thanks to their in-house embryology research and proprietary laboratory methods (such as Optimfert, which increases pregnancy rates by 15%) they are able to offer successful IVF, Donor Egg IVF, Social freezing and Fertility preservation programs.

PFC is daily operated by its founders: Dr. Hlinka and Dr. Lazarovska, two renowned European specialists in the fields of Embryology and Gynecology, respectively. Their team involves 8 reproductive medicine specialists offering treatment in Czech, English, German, Russian and Serbo Croatian. Treatment is also offered with patient assistance in French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian.

As fertility challenges increase with time, PFC's lab is a leading regional innovator focused in the research and development of new assisted reproduction methods, which are later adopted by many local and international centres. PFC was established 10 years ago in order to cater for the increasing number of patients in need of more sophisticated fertility treatment techniques. Nowadays, with over 1,000 IVF cycles/year, PFC's physicians and laboratory technicians continue to help local couples, patients traveling from Europe and Overseas, and couples living and working in Czech Republic looking for quality treatment with a personalized approach and no language barrier.

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PFC - Prague Fertility Centre

Sokolovsk√° 810/304, Praha 9, 19000

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