České duly o.s.

Badeniho 1, Praha 6, 16000

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What does a Doula offer?
Physical and emotional support for women during pregnancy, birth and aftercare.
Support and help in preparing a birthing plan.
All inclusive service of accompanying the mother to any hospital
Support for the father and family.
Experience and support in breast feeding.
Support for the whole family during the 6 weeks after birth.
Support in creating a pleasant and memorable birth.
Education regarding Czech hospitals and birthing methods.
Support in creating an enjoyable and calm bridge between the foreign mother and the Czech medical system.

České duly o.s.

Badeniho 1, Praha 6, 16000

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Great support

Reviewed by agacrit 06.06.2010
I had one the doulas accomopany me to the hospital and it was a great experience. No problems with doctores, at the hospital they were supper nice. Lucka did a great job prepating me and also was very informative and supportive after the birth of baby Josh. I think it is an organization that should get a lot more credit here. They really focus on the mother's need and not just one way (either old fashioned or too modern) way of thinking and... read more