Breastfeeding consultant

Americka 1, Praha 2, 12000

  • Mobile phone+420 725189445


Consultant / coach in the art of breastfeeding. In English, Spanish or Danish.
Breastfeeding is a natural process but it doesn't always come easy. 
Are you uncertain about whether or not to breastfeed your newborn; do you have problems getting started with the breastfeding relationship; are you experiencing pain and / or discomfort in your breasts /back; does your baby not want to suck or seem unsatisfied after a meal?
 The above questions are all common ones but not always easy to solve. Let me help you with any concerns / problems you are experiencing with breastfeeding. I am trained as a lacation consultant and have many years of recent breastfeeding experience. A breastfeeding consultation will last 50 minutes and the cost  is 450 ckr. You can either come to my practice in Prague 2 or if it's impossible for you to come by I can try to help you online via Skype.
Please contact by phone: +420725189446

Camilla Dessing

Breastfeeding consultant

Americka 1, Praha 2, 12000

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seems non-existant

Reviewed by user 28.01.2021
the number you have dialed does not exist.