Sokolovská 114, Praha 8, 18600

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Visit our English speaking beauty salon and have modern state of the art beauty treatments done using modern technology such as IPL – Intensive Pulse Light.


Look irresistible for example with eyelash extensions that look real using


We offer the following services:

Eyelash extensions

Permanent hair removal

Eyebrow shaping and colouring

Skin smoothing

Face massage

Bust firming

Cellulite elimination

Acne treatment

Men’s skin cosmetics

Red vein removal

Pigment spot removal


Many of our treatments are done using a unique IPL machine (Intensive Pulse Light).

IPL is often called the “skin iron”.  It is a verified method that really works. Wrinkles may be decreased by about 40-60%. This is one of the few methods that can rejuvenate the neck and décolleté.


Use our Rolletic device as well which is a revitalizing massage machine with constant speed, effectively allowing the use of stimulatory effect of the massage. Mechanical massage releases muscle tension, improves blood circulation locally and globally, positively affects the metabolism of adipose tissue and metabolism in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle.


We look forward to seeing you!


Sokolovská 114, Praha 8, 18600

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