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Hard Rock Cafe Prague, Europe's largest Hard Rock Cafe, is situated in the four-story, V.J.Rott building with a beautifully decorated neo-Renaissance façade and frescos.
The cafe is located in the heart of old Prague less than 50 meters from the famous Old Town Square. The three-level, 1900-square-meter cafe includes two vibrant bars and features a unique compilation of memorabilia from Hard Rock’s world-famous collection completed by a 5-meter custom-made chandelier in the shape of a guitar.
Join us at Hard Rock Cafe Prague for great American food, famous cocktails , Live Music and Hard Rock after dark (DJ Friday and Saturday nights). Come to celebrate your birthday, enjoy corporate parties. We will prepare for you special tailormade events up to 700 guests.
Families with kids welcome, we offer kids´ menus and Lil´Rocker birthday packages. Be our guests and feel like Rock Stars!

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Getting better all the time

posted by fxmalo
11:11:18 22/08/2009

I have visited the Hard Rock in Prague a few times, starting back when they opened in the Spring, and most recently last week. While not perfect on every detail every time, they have improved so much that it is becoming a place I am going much more often. Many things the first night way back in April were pretty bad, but everything has gotten so much better since then, from the food prep to the service to the live music. I have found their staff is quite willing to learn from their mistakes, as my drink and food orders are now consistently good and prepared the way I ordered them. And if they do screw up, they always make it right. (I still die a happy death after their bar-b-q combo, especially when I can make it to Happy Hour!) If I expected perfect service in Prague, I'd never go out. At least with the Hard Rock, the food is good (and plentiful) and trying harder goes a long way in my book. Many places don't even try at all. It stays on my Favorites list.

word to the rock

posted by Anonymous
10:10:54 26/08/2009

I dig the Hard Rock. If you ever get tired of the whole Euro-house-trance-strobe-tits-n-acid dealio, roll over to the Rock. They got some killer bands here which you can see for free, they draw a pretty good crowd, and the set up is awesome (bar/restaurant/stage/lounge all in one). Also, word to the bartender on the second floor! The grand marnier heated with orange peal is a sweet deal - keep it up man! I will say, however, the bar needs to get their s*** together with the happy hour - one beer at a time please - 2 beers served together for the price of 1 gets me way too drunk by 8 pm. Don't get me wrong, I'm down with that on the weekend, but on a Tuesday it can make for a rough next day.

Impossible to have a conversation here

posted by Anonymous
16:04:15 31/05/2009

WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOO LOUD! They have the best looking Hard Rock Cafe East of the LA Hard Rock on La Cienega Blvd. Attentive staff are good, polite, speak English but over worked and they do not know the prices of their own food and drink! Drinks are great, but terribly pricey. 300kc for a non-alcoholic mixed juice is really for the Bill Gates types of the world. Food is average, not great, not bad. I was amused by the staff who twice charged me the wrong price for my order, but they did sort it out...politely. Music videos are super, but they really crank up the volume and a normal conversation is utterly impossible. Not a good place for a business meal nor a date! One thign really, really annoyed me, and that was fricking tourists who came to my table to look at the Madonna and Prince wardrobe on the walls. Very annoying when trying to eat, and they gottas take their flipping photos.

They screwed up a burger

posted by Anonymous
22:10:54 24/05/2009

Bsed on the positive review on the web and word of mouth I dropped by last weekend to try out the new HRC. It was for an early dinner. Ordered the boneless chicken tenders for appetizers. It was good. Spicy but not hot. Ordered their main signature burger. It was a disaster. The meat was overcooked and rubbery. It was a challenge to finish the whole burger so after a while I gave up the fight. That's not what I was expecting for the price. The service was eager, a bit too intrusive at times when repeatedly interrupted mid sentence to confirm that we are still working on our food. The only reason why I am not giving a 1 rating because of the nice interior. Will I return there again? Denitely not for food. But if I am nearby and looking for a place to get a beer probably yes. But beer and beer only. I will leave the tables for the tourists.