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Raiffeisenbank a.s. is a member of the Raiffeisen international financial group with its head office in Austria. The group has been active in the area of banking in the Czech Republic for over 140 years. Thanks to its position and experience, Raiffeisenbank provides high-quality services supported by its long-established banking principles, which are also based on knowledge of the local market and the needs of its clients. Currently, Raiffeisenbank has 43 branch offices throughout the Czech Republic. At the beginning of January 2004, there were 1046 employees at Raiffeisenbank.

Raiffeisenbank provides a wide range of financial products and services to all types of clientele. When banking with Raiffeisenbank, clients can rely on fast and efficient processing of financial transactions and requests, an individual approach, as well as a secure and stable banking environment. In addition to standard products and services, Raiffeisenbank also offers individuals, businesses and small and medium-size enterprises financially attractive product packages, including modern banking communications such as Internet, GSM and phone banking.

Raiffeisenbank offers its large corporate clients comprehensive financial services ranging from factoring, letters of credits and export financing to effective payments and transaction management, deposit products and investment banking. An important part of corporate banking is financial advisory services, which are provided by a qualified team of experts.

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Best Bank

posted by Anonymous
00:12:24 12/09/2010

Great service, friendly staff, advice for people how speck English.

Raiffisen Bank

posted by selmam
16:04:48 18/12/2008

I would highly recommend this bank. I opened an account with this Bank in Flora. The lady handling my account opening was great. She spoke English well. My husband has accounts with 3 banks and he feels RB is the best.

Overall Service

posted by Anonymous
11:11:36 04/09/2011

I am an expat and I opened my account about one year ago in the branch in IP Pavlova, Jugoslávská street. My overall rating would be 10 out of 10 but personally for me is not easy to get to the bank when I need to do something in person as they have almost same working hours as I do in my work, so I would always need to take some time off. Beside of this, I found that they are very customer oriented, with very nice english-speaking staff (altought not all of them!). They didn't require too many documents, just my passport, mobile number and declaration of my address. No asking for wage, employment certification or criminal record, really no botherings or waiting time for opening my account. I found that they provide a very nice home banking portal full of features for free! This is one of the things I prefer about this bank! Every time I went back there for any reason they were always helpful and QUICK! No need to go back there 10 times, just 10-15 minutes and you are done! Great bank!

A bit of a shock

posted by SpawnMeister666
15:03:24 18/02/2011

First off, I would like to say that I am totally happy and impressed with the service I have recieved whenever I have had to go to the bank in Prague. Which may come as a surprise, given the medium rating I am offering here. This rating is not for anything that has happened to me in Prague, but for problems I have been having this week having moved to Austria for work. The company I work for is an Austrian one, and they also use Raiffeisson Bank. Yet I have been waiting 4 days for my wages to clear, and there is still no sign of them doing so. On top of that, I have discovered that my RB Visa card from Prague is not actually valid in any country other than Czech, so I am in a situation where I will have to travel back to the Czech Republic just to access my money! I bank with an Austrian bank, yet because I opened my account in Prague, I can´t withdraw my money in Austria! This, I think, is a huge draw-back, and one that people should be made aware of before opening an account with them. Ensure that you get a card that you can use abroad, as otherwise you can find yourself in a very embarrassing situation!

One bad teller

posted by Anonymous
10:10:46 18/02/2011

Hi Guys. I went in to verify the address I had attached to the account. I have moved many times so I wanted to be sure. The rude and obese girl at the counter took forever to answer the question. Then she tried to accuse me of some type of fraud and tried to take my passport. It is a good bank but they have some crooks there.