Komercni Banka (Kb), a.s.

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Komercní banka has a network of more than 300 outlets available for its operations. In terms of its total assets, amounting to CZK 400 billion under IAS at end 2000, and its share of the credit market Komercní banka holds an important position on the Czech market.

Komercní banka offers the following services to its clients:

Credit market, including mortgage loans
Deposit market
Money market
Investment and international banking
Electronic banking
Other banking services

The various members of the KB Financial Group add to the above range of services. The bank's clients are therefore able to arrange lease agreements, take out insurance policies, sign building society saving contracts, etc. on a "one-stop" basis.

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KB Review

posted by Anonymous
19:07:09 10/11/2013

I have had an account with Komercni since 2006. I was orginally a customer of Raiffeisen Bank but moved to KB because they offered me the best mortgage loan. Although back in 2006, I would have rated KB similar to other Czech Bank on the market, they have come a long way since then. They have a special service / branch for expats which I pay no additional fee for. Their fees are low and based on a loyalty system - The more products you have with them, the less fees you pay. The service is prompt and they have really made an effort to retain their clients. When my mortgage fixation period came up, I had a better offer from an other bank but KB offered me the same to retain me as a customer. Overall I give KB an 8/10 which is by all standard a high mark on a market where banks behave as a monopoly and do not put a high emphasis on service.

Golddigger bank

posted by lonelyju
09:09:08 13/11/2015

Very unprofessional service and lots and lots of lies of the charges on the account and other services. Not to mention their insurance is useless and not ready to pay out anything (they will try to find every possible way not to pay out). With this bank you have nothing but fees over fess not to mention that the EURO account is not really a EURO account since they charge you for conversion and transaction to other EURO accounts. This relationship was a big disappointment and now I'm happy in a new relationship with Reiffeisen bank!