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Banking Service "Expat Center" for Expatriates.

Mortgages & special Mortgage, finance and specialist services. Bank accounts for expatriates of the Czech Republic.

Your banking home away from home Pour vos besoins financiers en République tchèque In jeder Beziehung zählen die Menschen
Our Facilities
Multi-lingual personal banking consultants able to communicate fluently in English, French or German.

Specialized banking packages in one of these languages: English, French or German with courtesy translations of all account opening forms and contracts.

- Personal Current Accounts
- Mortgages for EU as well as non-EU citizens.
- A resource center with publications, leaflets, brochures, and other relevant information about life in the Czech Republic.

History of Ceská sporitelna
The roots of Ceská sporitelna reach back to 1825, when the Sporitelna Ceská, the oldest predecessor of Ceská sporitelna, began operating. This tradition of a Czech savings institution was continued in 1992 by Ceská sporitelna as a joint-stock company. The almost five and half million clients of Ceská sporitelna today clearly show its strong position on the Czech market.

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Expat Centre

posted by Anonymous
13:01:19 24/11/2005

I have banked with eBanka and Citibank since I moved here in 1999 and both promised lots and delivered nothing. However, after reading good things about CS Expat Centre, I joined and so far they are excellent. I highly recommend them and could put you in touch with the lady who I deal with there who is excellent!

Best service, high price

posted by Anonymous
18:06:11 08/11/2005

Okay - I am earning good money, now I need a bank account. First I checked the KB bank, because they are close to my office in Chodov. Then I saw all the ads in "Prague Post" and "Prager Zeitung" for the Expats Center at Sporitelna. Open the acount (Want one, get two more free) takes me 50 minutes, but service is in fluent english or german, very friendly. Now I have my account there for three months. Everything is working well, Internet banking, they send me the statements. I can recommend that, no question. And, by the way - the building and the offices are impressive (and currently under reconstruction).

Appalling service. Strongly warn against Erste Premier.

posted by Andrew Gray
11:11:38 04/03/2019

I was a customer of Erste "Premier" because of my monthly income being over a certain threshold. Initially I thought it was great because I had a personal banker and some benefits. However, over time a clear pattern emerged: these guys are incredibly painful to deal with. Any email regarding a loan pr product I would like to know more about had a response time of less than a day. Anything I needed (proof of address, changing limits and details, new accounts etc) basically went unheard. It mostly took weeks and constant harassing from me to resolve anything. Honestly it reminded me of early 2000's Prague hospitality. Just a general disdain for anything service-related and no explanations as to why. I appealed to the Branch Manager and she also didn't seem to really care. So I changed banks to a more modern competitor and have been really happy since. I guess it takes a slow exodus to convince these people to actually take some pride in their service. Would highly recommend against the added stress of Erste "Premier" (premier in quote marks because I can only read that name sarcastically now).

Most Awful Service Ever Encountered

posted by Dmitry.Volkov
15:03:12 18/06/2015

I've been a customer of Expat Center for 2 years. If you are ready to come to the office every time you wish to do something - that's fine. If you need a bank to work with remotely - I strongly recommend to consider another bank. I've tried to close my account for 4 months. Expat center charged me monthly for the service but they - didn't respond by email, even my personal manager stop responding - they din't pickup phone (you can try it your self - just play call to Expat center) - they requested notarized letter to close my accounts - after they received letter they closed two of 3 my accounts, I've lost the balance on that accounts and they charged 1000 CZK for the last one. I was not able to obtain any response from them what is go on. Few times when I've tried to call I've been told that "everybody on the meetings". This is a service they will charge you every month 1000 CZK. Yeh, phone number for expat center is wrong on the web site too. They do not monitor expatcenter@csas.cz too. I have experience with bank service literally around the globe - and never seen such awful service.

I had switch to another bank

posted by skinax
15:03:23 05/02/2014

I'd opened an account at Chodov Centrum, as it was close to the closer to my office at V Parku. They were very happy to open the account and after that it was a nightmare to do anything with the bank. When I wanted to do some transactions, Chodov branch would ask me to go to Expat Center since they cannot speak English....at Expat Center they would decline to entertain me as I hold account in Chodov. When I came back to Chodov, they again asked me to go Expat Center. Huh! Then Expat asked me to close my earlier account and reopen....with some huge monthly charges. I agreed to close down and opened account at Citibank. One of the best decision so far...Citibank is simply fantastic!