VAT creator

Zahradníčkova 1220/20a, Praha 5, 15000

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VAT creator is online application, where you can easily prepare and submit the VAT return (and related forms).
You just fill in data about your issued invoices and the program do the tax return automaticaly for you.
You don`t need to understand the VAT rules or communicate with any accountant. The VAT return is done by the Application and you can submit it directly to the tax office.
Payment is on the monthly basis and you can terminate the membership anytime.
The Application is updated every month and the correctness of the calculation is guaranteed by the Certified accountant.

VAT creator

Zahradníčkova 1220/20a, Praha 5, 15000

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VAT Creator

Reviewed by Henry Majer 21.06.2020
This application is excellent and so easy to use! It saves me time and effort and also I don't have to spend money on paying an accountant, which can be expensive. I really recommend the VAT Creator :-)