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About Expat Accountant is the one-stop shop for all (business) needs of foreigners and expats in Czech Republic.
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Jungmannovo Namesti 14, Praha, 11000

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Shockingly poor service and unprofessionalism

Reviewed by Devin Lamb 27.07.2018
My firm used Alexio for over one 1 year to provide basic accounting service and administering employees. A number of critical errors were made during this time leaving our firm open to liabilties and subject to penalties under Czech law. When inquiries were made regarding the provide services, the managing director/owner Roald van de Munt acted in an an shockingly unprofessional manner with a very hostile disposition and has resulted in me... read more

Excellent Consultation for Trade License/Tax Advice Help

Reviewed by Matt Foster 13.12.2017
Roald was excellent in our consultation at the Alexio office. As a British expat I arrived for the consultation with a lot of questions and very little knowledge, I left empowered with the information I had learnt and confident of the next steps to obtain a Trade License. Prior to the meeting I wasn't even sure if an S.R.O. or Trade License was right for me... Highly recommended and will use Alexio's services to setup my Trade License/Health... read more

Professional, knowledgeable - an excellent experience

Reviewed by Simon Whistler 14.06.2014
I met with Roald to discuss my tax issues (UK/CZ). He was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions with zero jargon. Perfect service, thank you. Highly recommended.

Very very useful information

Reviewed by user 08.03.2014
I met with Roald and came away with good information. Very friendly, super knowledgeable. I don't know how I could have been better served.

Helpful and Professional

Reviewed by Jenny Ryan 29.08.2013
Petra at Alexio assisted me with health insurance issues. She was extremely helpful, and speaks great English.

Very professional - a saviour.

Reviewed by user 21.08.2013
We booked an appointment with Alexio recently and couldn't be happier with the service we received. They're very professional and couldn't have been more helpful. They answered all of our questions and more.

Very professional service

Reviewed by user 28.06.2013
I was happy to be referred to Alexio by somebody else. but I wish I knew them sooner! The advise was efficient, to the point, and very useful. And also, Roald has enough experience to understand who you are and what exactly do you need. I was very satisfied.

Alexio provides a highly professional service

Reviewed by user 24.06.2013
The team at Alexio have provided an excellent service that comes highly recommended. They understand what they offer and sometime seem to understand my business better than I do.

First-class, professional service

Reviewed by user 13.04.2013
We recently used to help with some start-up problems, and out of 10 companies that we got in touch with, Alexio were the only accountants that gave us straight-forward, effective and quick advice. We'd highly recommend them and we'll definitely be using them again in the future. Thank you!

Knowledgeable and helpful

Reviewed by user 08.02.2013
Received good, straightforward personal tax advice. I would recommend them.

Excellent advice and great value.

Reviewed by * 25.01.2013 (silver reviewer) Silver
There are a lot of accountants in Prague who offer advice which may make you wonder if they really know what they are doing. So I was actually very glad that I spent an hour with Mr van de Munt at Alexio as he gave me the advice I needed and even told me things to help me with my business which I would not have thought of at the time. Don't go wasting your money elsewhere. Best 1000kc I've spent in a while!

Good service

Reviewed by user 14.06.2012
Very professional & accommodating. They've sorted out my tax mess for me with little trouble. I'm told the price is reasonable too. Am happy to recommend them.