Hotel Erlec

Farni 649, Ústecký kraj, 40777

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Come enjoy the "Good Old Days" in Sluknov-Schluckenau, the most northern town of the Czech Republic, in an area of forgotten Sudetenland, the Northern Kingdom.

It's a once booming town with a rich history, beautiful natural surroundings, a mountain air climate, and many hiking and biking trails. It is the perfect place for relaxing on vacation, visiting historics sites, and sport recreation. Our hotel is available as well for private corporate retreats. 

Erlec Hotel is located in the center of town across the street from Saint Wenceslas Church near Sluknov Castle.

 We have 10 double rooms, all furnshed with stylish furniture, equipped with private bathrooms and free Wi-Fi.

The Hotel's "HOSPODA"is a great place to meet someone or just relax and listen to the music, sipping your favored cocktail, glass of wine or locally brewed organic beer. (beer is 1.25 Euro)

For fun we offer dice, darts, and a pool table. We also have an patio to enjoy dining outdoors, an open fire and enjoying your favorite smoke.

We are only a mile from the border with Germany and 10 miles from Poland. A day trip to picturesque Germany or Poland would be interesting excursion going from old to new Europe.

 The town of Sluknov with inexpensive properties and low cost of living is ready to be discoverd by pioneers prepared for the adventure of a lifetime in a new frontier.

We are surrounded by the ‘Czech-Saxon Switzerland’, the largest national park in Central Europe, a vast virgin forests with ancient sandstone formations and endless miles of trails for biking and hiking. 

Joe :-)) Ahoy  
We are looking forward to seeing you at our lovely home place. 

Hotel Erlec

Farni 649, Ústecký kraj, 40777

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