Hotel Maltezsky Kriz

StarĂ¡ Louka 50, Karlovy Vary, 36001

  • Landline+420 353169011
  • Mobile phone+420 723782383


Maltese Cross House was built in 1706. This is the oldest half-timbered house in the Old meadow (street name). In 1788 there was established the first Carlsbad printer.

Maltese Cross Hotel is located in the monument zone of Karlovy Vary, Stara Louka 334/50 and has been sensitively renovated in 2003. Retained historic wall murals and half-timbered walls. In its current form has 11 furnished apartments, furnished dining room incl. kitchen, space heat and wine shops, phones, PC and reception, elevator, outdoor terraces and so on. The building commercial space serving as a shop on the ground floor of the building, which has different entrance. There is also a separate duplex apartment, fully furnished and equipped with security door, fireplace, own kitchen, phone and fax.

The whole building consists of 4 floors with the attic and the total floor area is nearly 750 square meters.

Hotel Maltezsky Kriz

StarĂ¡ Louka 50, Karlovy Vary, 36001

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