Botel Racek Praha

Na Dvorecke louce , Praha 4, 14000

  • Landline+420 241431628


You can find BOTEL RACEK PRAHA on the right bank of the Vltava river near swimming stadium in Podoli. For more information please contact us. Cosy and comfortable double - bedded rooms and suites.

Botel Racek Praha

Na Dvorecke louce , Praha 4, 14000

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Good botel for a low price

Reviewed by user 03.06.2005 (silver reviewer) Silver
If you've ever stayed in a botel, and liked it, you're probably a rather small person! The rooms can be claustrophobic for tall and portly people (maybe that's why it's called "portly" - they're better off left at the port?) But if you're happy to give up a little cabin space for the thrill of being on the water - this is a very nice botel. The rooms aren't brand new - and it's not exaclty located downtown, but the prices are quite... read more