Wonderland Academy

Wonderland Academy

U školky 880, Praha 4, 14900 Now closed - opens tomorrow at 07:30

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Wonderland Academy is a private, language-focused primary and secondary school, featuring bilingual Czech/English teaching in core subjects, as well as communicative English language lessons. Starting in the second grade, an option for additional language lessons in either Spanish or German is available. The educational program is suitable for both pupils with previous knowledge of the English language, as well as those who do not speak English yet. Before entering Wonderland Academy, children may enter the wonderous, exciting world of our Wonderland Preschools. Wonderland Preschools is a 12-year-old company consisting of the perfect mix between an ever-expanding school, complete with a familial, cozy atmosphere. Each of our three branches around Prague consist of a Czech and English class team of young, enthusiastic teachers who share one common goal: to educate and support children in their growth. Our teaching primarily focuses on the development of each child's distinct personality, while acquainting them with the natural world as much as possible. Our founder truly understands the importance and value of teaching, once being a teacher herself. Since then, she has created three preschools, as well as Wonderland Academy, consisting of 1st-7th grade, as well as an upcoming grammar school on the way. With this foundation, children are provided the perfect opportunity to grow in their personal and educational lives, as well as within the English language. By beginning in this safe environment, the children are sure to discover their full potential as they progress and enter Wonderland Academy.

Wonderland Academy is a school that prides itself on friendliness, a safe environment, and friendly relations between the staff and children. The small number of children in classes not only provides an individual approach to each student, but also contributes to the family atmosphere that prevails within the school.

The original concept of education in Wonderland Academy consists of simultaneous Czech-English teaching of most subjects. There are usually two teachers present within the classroom, a Czech and a native speaker of English, who alternate in leading lessons. In this way, our school creates a natural bilingual environment in which the children can easily acquire a skill known as code-switching, i.e. switching from one language to another. Wonderland Academy is the only school in the Czech Republic, in which code-switching is one of the fundamental pillars of language teaching.

In addition, students are also placed into English classes according to their CEFR level (Common European Framework of Reference for languages). In this way, students are in control of how fast they want to progress when learning English. At the beginning of every school year, students have the opportunity to place into a higher level than their normal track would dictate. As such, there are many routes available to the student, allowing for a more individualized approach to learning. Regardless of where a student is, we aim to have a minimum standard for students attaining an A2 English level by the 5th grade and a B2 level by the 9th grade. Of course, students may aim higher, and many often do attain a much higher level than our standard minimum. Wonderland Academy is the only school in Czech Republic that invests so heavily in this leveling tactic, exponentially improving the capacity for growth in each and every one of our children. Furthermore, our curriculum complies with Cambridge-based textbooks, preparing the students for the Cambridge Exams, which are hosted at Wonderland Academy's campus every year.

At Wonderland Academy, we focus on combining the latest educational principles, which include critical thinking, Step by Step, and many others. We know that every child is different and we choose to provide an individual approach to each. We use insights from MBTI personality testing to give us a deeper understanding of each child's personality type and their approaches to learning. This helps reveal the individual educational needs of each student.

Overall, Wonderland Academy is a fantastic school, complete with an excellent team who works together to achieve an unparalleled educational and truly wonderful atmosphere. The school is constantly growing and innovating more ways in which we can be increasingly effective in our mission: equipping the next generation with the skills that they need to succeed in this world.

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Nemohli jsme si vybrat lépe

Reviewed by Alena Drašnarová 24.03.2021
Jako babička 3 vnoučat, které všechny v současné době navštěvují mateřskou školku Wonderland, můžu říct, že jsme si nemohli vybrat lépe. Děti se každý den těší do školky nejen na své spolužáky, ale hlavně na skvělé "paní učitelky" (a učitele), kteří jim připraví program, který je velmi baví a mnohému se naučí. S maximálním nasazením se věnují dětem každé věkové kategorie - toto mohu zodpovědně potvrdit, neboť každé mé vnouče je v jiné třídě.... read more

Great Preschool

Reviewed by Karolina Sirova 23.03.2021
We discovered Wonderland Preschool when we were looking for a decent kindergarten for our not even three-year-old son, which would combine teaching in both Czech and English. The school clearly fulfilled our requirements. The teachers are lovely and have a great way of entertaining, educating, challenging and encouraging the kids. The environment is very nice and comfortable with garden and playground. Given the choice over again, I would... read more

Doporučuji Wonderland i pro české děti

Reviewed by Ivana Gana Jirsova 21.03.2021
Dcerka navštěvovala MŠ Wonderland od 2,5let. Wonderland je výjimečný individuálním přístupem ke každému dítěti. Díky rodilým mluvčím si dcerka velmi přirozeně osvojila anglický jazyk, který s radostí používala i doma. Pro vytvoření vztahu s AJ je Wonderland bezvadný. Ve třídě si také našla mnoho kamarádů (českých i anglicky hovořících, absolutně nerozlišovala jazykovou variabilitu).Možnost vidět dítě na fotkách z denních činností je výhodou... read more

Recommendation for Wonderland Preschool

Reviewed by Joanna Purcidis 20.03.2021
Our son attends Wonderland preschool in Haje for 2 years now and he loves being there. Teachers are absolutely fantastic, they`re well educated, always put child interest first, very approachable and kind. Preschool offers lots of fun extra activities, children learn in small groups. We can see a great improvement in our son`s development in all areas, 2 years ago he did not speak any language, now he communicates in 3 languages. We`re very... read more

Jaroslava Vlková

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 12.03.2021
Wonderland školku mohu jen a jen doporučit. Je to skvělá školka pro ty nejmenší. Do školky chodila naše dcera a nyní i syn a vždy jsme byli naprosto spokojeni. Pro děti je zde skvělé zázemí. Tým profesionálních pedagogů je vždy připraven jim věnovat veškerou péči, kterou potřebují a připravit pro ně zábavný a naučný program, jak v českém, tak v anglickém jazyce. Děti jsou tam opravdu štastné a cítí se tam jako doma.


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