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Our founder started singing at the age of 32. First classical, then contemporary. Her path led her to study at several schools and with several teachers. Ultimately, Kateryna then decided to start her own international School for Contemporary Singing in Prague so that she could realize for herself and others exactly what she had always been looking for.

Kateryna is still studying at praguesirens® and she leads the school from a student's perspective. That’s what sets us apart and it shows.

Students & tutors

Lessons are intended for ambitious adult men and women between the ages of 14 and 60. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to pursue a professional singing career or you’re just pursuing a hobby for your own personal fulfilment.

Our tutors are the heart of the school and they are impeccably qualified. We believe that our tutors’ mix of musical traditions, personal characteristics, and different nationalities are a great source of inspiration. We bring in outside experts to lead workshops for our students, as well.

praguesirens® sees itself as an exclusive boutique music school with a decidedly personal touch. Our students and tutors are all part of a close-knit community because praguesirens® is so much more than just a place for singing lessons. praguesirens® wants to be an integral part of a life filled with song.


The singing lessons take place in groups, pairs, or solo sessions. From the beginning, we pay attention to an authentic stage feeling. Our classrooms are always divided into a stage area and an auditorium. We consider a double lesson each week in a group or pair a basic investment in your personal vocal training. For more substantive progress, we recommend that you add a solo double lesson each week.


Good results in contemporary singing require the best sound and light equipment. praguesirens® students sing exclusively with professional stage equipment: NEUMANN microphones, NORD Stage Pianos, BOSE speaker systems, and STAIRVILLE light sets.

The loft-style spaces are fitted with furniture reflecting industrial design of the early 20th century, offering a contrast with elements of opulent baroque style in the auditorium.

Concerts & Co

Students are motivated by competitions which are carried out with sensitivity. Several times a year, the school offers concerts on various themes, offering a great opportunity to compete with other students and perform for family and friends. Additionally, praguesirens® students can also prepare for external vocal competitions.

The daily performance check is carried out with audio and video recordings made by the tutors during the lessons. Professional studio recordings are made in cooperation with an external partner.


Our founder has made it possible to run our school like a professional cultural institution. This means that economic profit does not dominate the school's philosophy. Nevertheless, outstanding tutors, professional equipment, and pleasant spaces do come with a price. praguesirens® does not offer the cheapest singing lessons in Prague, but we should maintain our position among the best.

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