MYMORTGAGE.CZ, Independent mortgage lender

MYMORTGAGE.CZ, Independent mortgage lender

Vlkova 441/20, Praha 3, 13000

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We have been on the market for more than 10 years and with the mediation of mortgage loans we have a very rich experience. We work with all banks that provide mortgages in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our personal contacts in the banks we are trying to negotiate the lowest possible interest rates for their clients. Currently (6/2016) you can get the lowest rate of 1.69% at 5 years fixation.
The mortgage loan is very closely related to property insurance. And if a client is interested, we are able to mediate life insurance. These are areas in which we are well versed and able to advise objectively. Our advantage is insurance discounts that are negotiated to our clients individually with insurance companies.

Your satisfaction is our top priority!
Feel free to ask us anything, we are here for you

Lucie Říhová
Financial Advisor
t: +420 732 599 654

Ondřej Vališík, MSc, MBA
CEO & Founder
t: +420 720 346 996

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