Ing. Radka Minaříková - Certified Coach and Lector

Ing. Radka Minaříková - Certified Coach and Lector

Poustka 323/4, Praha 6, 16500

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My name is Radka Minaříková and I am Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and lector. I have worked in the human resources field for 10 years, including 6 years in managerial positions. I love working with people and I cannot imagine working elsewhere. It’s a wonderful feeling when you see people on their path to progress, and it’s the best feedback you can get.

What is coaching?
Coaching has many definitions. The essence is to help you sort out your thoughts, come up with new possibilities, and get more out of different areas or topics of your life.

How can coaching help in general?
* It transforms your expectations, dreams and wishes into specific goals.
* It helps move from a negative to a positive focus, from a problem (I do not want it!) to a target (I want it!)
* You look at things in another way, from another perspective
* You will be aware of what blocks you (such as fear of flying, driving, etc.)
* It will help you improve your health and help you be fit.

Frequent wishes of my personal coaching clients:
* I want to increase my self confidence
* I cannot find a partner
* I am dissatisfied at work
* I would like to ask for a raise, but I am afraid
* I would like to start a business
* The same things keep happening to me and I want to make a change
* I would like more time for myself and for my family
* I’ve lost motivation
* I’m experiencing burnout
* I procrastinate too much

Frequent topics that companies ask about:
* Staff turnover
* Finding capable employees
* Maintaining key specialists and keeping them motivated
* Overwork and burnout
* Coaching junior managers who have never led a team
* The company is in the red
* I have subordinates but cannot prioritize
* I have subordinates but we are have troubles with communication

Who is coaching suitable for?
Coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to change their life and is willing to work on it.

What does a coaching session with a client look like?
We first define what you want, where you want to go, and we talk about it. The difference between chatting with coffee and chatting with a coach is that I'm going to guide you in your life to get what you really want.

How long is a coaching session? How many sessions will I need?
The length of the consultation is individual, but the usual time is 60 minutes. The number of consultations also depends on the individual. Some people need just one session and the problem is resolved, while others have a deeper problem and several sessions are needed.

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Coaching with Radka

Reviewed by Hana Lisá 15.09.2020
Radka coached me when I needed to solve a specific problem in my life. She is very kind, enthusiastic about her work, responsible, chooses an individual approach and appropriate methods. She helped me to find a solution, thank you! Hana Lisá

Couching with Radka Minaříková

Reviewed by Alena Magdová 11.09.2020
I have been cooperating with Radka for 6 months, mainly in the form of personal coaching. After finishing parental leave and starting work, I "fought" with time, I felt that nothing was perfect - that I do not pay enough attention to children, partner, I do not have enough time for friends, household.... for myself. Shortly - I felt like I was doing a little of everything and nothing was perfect. Thanks to Radka and her well-targeted... read more

The Art of Coaching

Reviewed by Miroslava Lugué 01.11.2019
I reached out to Ing. Radka Minaříková with a request for coaching in Time Management. At my work I am one of the employees who accomplishes their goals very well on a daily basis and still has the desire to be better. I felt that I needed to acquire more organization and skills with effective Time Management. With the arrival of second child, I was lucky to cooperate with Mrs. Minaříková. Her counseling and experience helped me to manage my... read more


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