Eridamus Invest, s.r.o.

Eridamus Invest, s.r.o.

Mánesova 77, Praha 2, 12000

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• Management consulting / manažerské poradenstvo
• Project management / projektové řízení implementace

Portfolio/program planning and control on complex large scale systems integration, R&D and telecommunications contracts, including various defense and civilian organizations of the US and Czech government, US/Czech government contractors and commercial entities. Establishment of PMO and EVMS for government organizations and contractors.

Our enterprise/project performance optimization is a single, integrated, and comprehensive service set that delivers consulting services on the front and on the back end in a business management framework. Combining processes, methods, and technologies, we enable your organization to define, measure, and improve outcomes and to effectively link strategy with operational execution.

Portfolio, Program & Project Performance
Portfolio, Program & Project Performance plans, designs, and implements effective program management offices and performs independent verification and validation assessments and earned value analyses for clients’ high-risk, high-visibility projects and programs. Performed at the enterprise through project level using organizational change methodologies and performance metrics, we provide business leaders with critical decision-making and oversight of capital investments, preventing cost overruns and mitigating risks.Enterprise Information Management
Enterprise Information Management offers design, development, and implementation of a comprehensive business information program that encompasses all aspects of the information life cycle and is measured against information governance standards, requirements, and rules for government, business and industry compliance.Process

Optimizat in
Process Optimization facilitates, assesses, and documents end-to-end processes at any organizational level and aligns them to the business strategy and needs. Supports strategic, program, or project activities using process workflow analysis to create and sustain lines of business transformations.

Specialties* systems engineering management,
* large-scale industrial facility construction design business management,
* PMO implementation,
* project planning and cost estimation,
* enterprise and project EVMS,
* resource management,
* program financial management,
* program management and EVM training
* U.S. and Czech contract/subcontract administration,
* programmatic risk management,
* U.S. and Czech procurement,
* U.S. and Czech government and commercial business development.


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