Prague film festival announces award-winning films for 2021

Ripples, co-directed by French director Benoit Lelievre and Chinese director Jin Huaqing, won multiple prizes.

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On October 22, 2021, the 5th Prague Film Festival Awards Ceremony was held in the Czech capital. The list of winners was recently announced. The film Ripples, co-directed by French director Benoit Lelievre and Chinese director Jin Huaqing, won the Best Documentary Short Film and the Audience Favorite Award.

People are calling the film "a magnifying glass on real-life in Xinjiang, China."

Many of the films were rich in theme and genre this year, covering various topics from personal life to family memories and controversial international events. A number of excellent works by world-renowned filmmakers and young talented filmmakers were featured. Most of the films had their Czech premiere.

poster 1 ripples_new_franco_chinese_documentary_telling_the_real_xinjiang_from_the_perspective_of_women

Finding Anissa Jones directed by Shana Gagnon won the Best Feature Fiction Film; The Sporting Bubble directed by Peter Dickson won the Best Feature Documentary Film. Best Actor and Best Actress were awarded to Matthew Postlethwaite and Alexa Morden.

This year's opening film was Jiyan. Although this is the first feature film for the director, the film has been shortlisted for multiple film festivals. Due to the strong audience demand, the theater didn't even have enough seats to accommodate everyone who wanted to watch this film. The film won the Best New Director award.

still 1  On the Photo with Certificate - Zuzana Dražilová, Prague Film Festival Director and Founder, Photo 2021
Still from Ripples.

The Gift of Years directed by Josiah Dunjey premiered in the Czech Republic. It features amazing photography techniques, beautiful scenery, and is full of profound ideas about art, poetry, and love. The combination of movie footage and artwork creates a unique atmosphere. Dunjey won the Best Director Award.

The Best Documentary Short Film was won by Ripples directed by Benoit Lelievre, and the film also won the Audience Favorite Award. The director focuses on Chinese issues and tells the daily life of Chinese Muslim women from the perspective of women from Xinjiang. Under his lens, the simplicity and reality of the characters, with the help of real images, convey the common voice of the vast majority of Xinjiang people to the world.

still 5 picture 1 ripples_new_franco_chinese_documentary_telling_the_real_xinjiang_from_the_perspective_of_women CROP
Still from Ripples.

Zuzana Dražilová, president of the Prague Film Festival, said: Ripples is undoubtedly the biggest surprise of this year. The jury unanimously decided to award it the best short documentary, and the demanding audience jury also gave it a special commendation. This film breaks cultural boundaries and prejudices and tells us the spiritual story of a magical place little known to the rest of the world.

“2021 is still a special year,” said Zuzana Dražilová, “Prague under the epidemic situation has been disturbing. We originally thought it would be another unromantic festival this year, but unexpectedly, outstanding filmmakers from all over the world, presented us with many great works, and they ultimately lit up this young film festival."

picture 1 ripples_new_franco_chinese_documentary_telling_the_real_xinjiang_from_the_perspective_of_women CROP
Zuzana Dražilová, Prague Film Festival Director and Founder.

Prague is an appealing place to hold a film festival. There are charming old cinemas and diverse film audiences, and it is a place of inspiration for European filmmakers.

The Prague Film Festival is a non-profit organization that aims to help promote independent films through film, art, and social activities, discover new talents and bring excellent films to a wide audience. It does not distinguish between films of any country or any budget, just explores the best of contemporary film.

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