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Written by Staff Published on 21.10.2008 12:48:21 (updated on 21.10.2008) Reading time: 1 minute

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 21.10.2008 12:48:21 (updated on 21.10.2008) Reading time: 1 minute


Web : Banner specifications

Print : Survival Guide specifications

Please take careful notice of our policies for submitting banners and printed materials. We cannot be held responsible for incorrectly formatted artwork once it has been published. In case of questions or problems, please contact the office. Banner Media All banners must:

Embed ALL links inside flash formats

Have a maximum of 3 rotation of animation


Provide any GIF/PNG with a destination link

Acceptable file formats:

Animated GIF

Flash Animation (SWF only)


Banner size limits:

250×180 : Maximum size is 35 Kbytes

728×90 : Maximum size is 50 Kbytes

350×210 * : Maximum size is 50 Kbytes

Other sizes – please ask for policies

* Banners on the Homepage have to be static (not animated) in GIF or PNG formats. Survival Guide All artwork must be:

Minimum resolution of 300 DPI

Converted to outlines ifusing/submitting EPS files

CMYK Format (not RGB)

Acceptable file formats: CMYK – PDF Documents

CMYK – EPS Format

CMYK – TIF Format (Flattened image)

CMYK – JPG – 300 DPI

Survival Guide advert sizes: Full page inside/back/front 105mm(width) x 135mm(height)

Half page 105mm(width) x 67.5mm(height)

Back Cover 105 mm (width) x 148 mm (height) + 5mm bleed all around

Please make sure your submitted advertisement is the exact size specified, down to the millimeter. We WILL be measuring all artwork by hand, and getting back to you if it is even slightly over- or under-sized. What is a “bleed”? Some artwork, such as full pages, may extend to the very limit of the page. We need an extra 5mm, called a bleed, on such artwork to ensure that it does indeed reach the edge of the page when finally cut. See an example here. For additional questions, help or assistance, please contact the office.

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