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Adresář firem a služeb v Praze

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Restaurant Classic

Restaurant Classic: Open daily from 11a. m. till 11 p. m. Capacity: 30 chairs - restaurant, 30 chairs - parlor, 40 chairs - summer terrace, barrierless access, parking, bowling. Reservation in advance by phone or by fax is recommended.

U Admirala

There is a wide assorment of meat, side dishes, and tidbits in our assortment, so as to your visit in our restaurant is going to be a celebration. Let me, on behalf of the staff, say: "enjoy your meal"

Zbrojnice Restaurant - Cerveny Ujezd

The interior of the armoury is mostly decorated by cold pole weapons from 15th century. The real attraction for visitors is a war plate knight armour for a horse and the rider. In this very interesting environment you can choose from the daily offer...


Mountain restaurant with traditional bohemian cuisine. open daily from 11am to 11pm.

Podovka Restaurant

Specialities on grill. Czech, International, Russian and Caucasian cuisine. Organizing receptions and banquets, social, company and children events. On giving a wedding party accommodation for the newlyweds free of charge.

Spaleny Mlyn Restaurant

Let us eat and drink," Hugo said. "Give us some dinner Fat cheese, game, birds, lambs, everything that breeds alive, and everything that hatches. Give us everything that ripens edible, everything that has been finned and all kinds of snails that people...

Rhapsody in Blue Restaurant

Part of the Rhapsody IN Blue Hotel is the air-conditioned restaurant with the same name.  In its pleasant environment you can select from a range of traditional Czech dishes and also try specialities of international cuisine. For gourmets there is also a...

Minimarket - Centrum Babylon

Minimarket - shop. No. 1 is situated on the left side just behind the entrance to the shopping area. Here you can choose from a wide assortment of food and beverages including ready-to-cook meals or you can taste products from our own delicatessen and...

Restaurant Kapr

Here in the former Baker's shop, you can choose from a wide range of regional fish specialities. Except this, we have many chicken, pork and beef delicacies on our menu, too. Our dessert list includes things like bilberry crape or various ice-cream and...

U Zlate Selatka

Restaurant U Zlate Selatka "At the Golden Pigling". We offer: original interior, friendly staff, great variety of specialties of bohemian and international cuisine, great offer of wines and mixed drinks, great amusements, gracious rooms.   Organizing...