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Černé divadlo Jiřího Srnce

Jako první černé divadlo na světě funguje soubor již od roku 1961. Za tu dobu navštívil již 67 zemí a 87 divadelních festivalů

Black Light Theater Wow Show

Welcome to the wonderful world of Wow It’s show time and the heavenly music composed by one of Hollywood’s best composers pre-formed by the philharmonic orchestra of Los Angeles will capture your heart. Welcome to the world in which mermaids live, the...

Ta Fantastika

Ta Fantastika Black Light Theatre was established 1981 in New York by Petr Kratochvil. In 1989, after the Velvet Revolution, the company moved to Prague. Here it became immediately successful. Since the year 1993 Ta Fantastika permanently plays in...

All Colours Theatre

In the spring of 1989, Michal Kocourek surrounded himself with a team of partners with whose help the idea was born of a theater that combined black light theater, as a traditional Czech theater form, with elements of musical performance, dance and mainly...

Black Light Theatre Animato

Even though the principle of the black cabinet (theatre) goes back several centuries, it has not been forgotten, if anything the opposite. One could say that the cradle of black theatre was, at least according to reputation, ancient China during the...

Palace Theatre

Black Light Theatre on Wenceslas Square. Check calendar for events.

Divadlo Metro

Frantisek Kratochvil´s Black Theatre is unique and is protected by a worldwide patent. In contrast to other Black Theatres, it uses line drawings as a form of mass media. By using simple graphic lines, it gives you an incredible possibilities to...

Laterna magika

Laterna magika is a theatre, which for already forty-five years has been developing the principle connecting projected pictures with a live stage event. Thanks to its undisputed art quality, unusual procedures and non-existent language barrier, it has...

Black Theatre Image

Today the Theatre Image is a theatre company with its own structure and a regular heartbeat. For several years a stable group of creative partners have been the core of the theatre. As a result of their cooperation an ensemble with its own image has...


Adresář firem a služeb v Praze

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