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FARAON reality, s.r.o. is a renowned Prague Real Estate and Consulting firm that provides full services related to the sale, purchase and rental of upmarket residential and commercial property in attractive locations in Prague. We specialize in luxury residential real estate sales and leasing of office and storage properties. Our activities include the sale of new development projects and complete marketing and consulting services for developers. Additionally we provide acquisition services for developers and investors in the Czech real estate market. Thanks to the language skills and experience of our brokers, we also offer services for foreign clients speaking English, Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.

Our main aim is to provide superior professional and quality services with an emphasis on safe conduct of all the transactions. We are a member of the Association of Real Estate Offices of the Czech Republic (Asociace realitních kanceláří ČR), we strictly adhere to a code of ethics and moreover we are insured for damage liability. We are continuously aware that it is not possible to provide quality and premium service without top professionals. During the whole process of the sale of a property (from the initial contact until the filing a statement of taxable income after a successful sale), you will be guided by our broker who will always be available and willing to help. Consequently, we provide our agents with friendly and superior facilities and an opportunity for personal growth and corresponding personal reward. Our brokers regularly attend professional training courses and are not only reliable professionals, but also competent businessmen capable of negotiations towards the best possible conditions for the sale, purchase or lease of a property.

We cooperate with the renowned law firm of Vladimír Kyzlink, LL. M., residing at 7, Na Kozačce str., Prague 2, 120 00, who specialize in real estate law. During transfer of property we use a lawyer, notary or bank custodian. Our clients' finances are therefore always deposited exclusively with the subject that guarantees the security of the deposit (i.e. lawyer, notary, bank). As to finances and mortgages, we cooperate with all major financial institutions and as we don't have preference with any of them, our priority being the interest of our client, we always find the best available solution for our clients. Let us offer our services and find out for yourself that we will save you time and money and ensure a carefree sale of your property.

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