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Hello my name is Kevin Fuller, I'm a qualified decorator and carpenter from England, I have run my refurbishment business there successfully for over 15 years, you can check out my reviews and completed projects on my website.

I moved to Prague last year with my wife who is from Czech and our 2 chidren and have set up my business here, offering a wide range of decorating services delivered to the highest standard.

I am fully-committed, quality-driven, passionate tradesman providing complete services at affordable prices, with a well-established reputation for quality and service.

My experience and expertise helps me to understand my customers needs and requirements and find the best professional solution for everything and everyone.

I work closely with residential customers and clients anywhere in Prague.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

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Painted our kids beroom

vložil Zuzana Pliskova
20:08:53 12/03/2019

We needed our kids bedroom decorated and I found Kevin through this website. Kevin is very trustworthy and we didn`t have any concerns about leaving him in the apartment on his own working, while we were out at work. It took 2 days, which included a Sunday and we are very happy with the finished job. He was punctual every day and our home was tidier at the end of each day than it is when it`s not being decorated! Thank you Kevin for a great job!

Redecoration of 1 bedroom flat

vložil Paul Michaels
14:02:22 08/03/2019

Kevin is the ideal person you want to work on your property. very approachable, discrete, extremely reliable and punctual. He did what we initially agreed on and went beyond to make sure we were satisfied. We had our entire flat painted to very high standards with a very reasonable quote. I would highly recommend Kevin for any painting/decorating work at home. We also asked Kevin to come back with another quote as we have another job for him. Make sure he gets good cups of tea and you won't be disappointed.