Private clinic - Dr. Ivana Grohová, M.D. & Partners

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Internist, General Practitioner, Homeopathy,
Psychosomatic Medicine, Psychotherapy
Other alternative branches of medicine available
Referrals to other specialists available

SMALL FAMILY PRIVATE HEALTH FACILITY with individual and personalised approach to each patient
- Private Healthcare in the centre of Prague (near metro Florenc)
- English and Russian speaking staff
- Czech Insurance accepted, reasonable prices
- Quality health care with appointments at your convenience

Office hours:
Monday 8:00 – 18:00
Tuesday 8:00 – 17:00
Wednesday 8:00 – 17:00
Thursday 8:00 – 13:00
Friday 8:00 – 13:00

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A new favorite doctor

vložil Steven Arreguin
08:08:48 18/12/2018

Ok. She was really awesome. Totally mello. Comfortable. She was great. Although she didnt know my history, she did better than standard medical help. I needed a double dose of antibiotics and like she shouldn't do, she didnt do. I needed a doubke dose when i got home. But honestly, she was well priced enough and gave me enough to hold off qhat probably was gonna be pneumonia. I just was born with a deficiency. If i lived in prague. I would definitely make her my doctor. I really liked this doctor

Excellent doctor in Prague

vložil Juliana Schneider
13:01:05 02/11/2018

I highly recommend Dr. Grohova. Everyone in the practice is very attentive, empathetic and super friendly! Also, they speak perfect English. Thanks a lot for this positive experience!

Horrible Experience and Amazing Docs

vložil David Froehlich
16:04:12 20/09/2018

I moved to Prague about a year ago, a couple things I knew were that the medical system is above standard and I can more than confirm that now. I have had a walnut allergy all my life the last reaction I had 15 years ago and it wasn't too bad, swelling in the face but nothing really threatening. So neither my GP or myself thought about getting an Epipen to carry with me. Yesterday I went for lunch close by and ordered a chicken sandwich at a popular sandwich shop nearby. I have worked in hospitality for more than a decade so I generally know how food is handled. We picked up the sandwiches and went to went outside, sunny day. I took a bite and realized it definitely was not a chicken sandwich. I went back and they confirmed they had give me a cheese sandwich with walnuts. I wasn't expecting the worst since the last reaction was mild but I was massively mistaken. The Allergologist next door was closed and the pharmacy in the same building wanted to give me hayfever medication and didn't have an Epipen, I was getting nervous and I am starting to feel horrible and my airwaves are closing up this was going to be bad. I remembered the Doctors practice was there since its a colleagues GP so I went there this is 10 minutes after eating and 3 minutes after confirming the ingredients and I am on the verge of collapsing. The male nurse(4th picture) and second doctor of the practice went into action, I am having trouble breathing and I my blood pressure is dropping rapidly. My face is bright red and my eyes are bloodshot I looked like I was dying, which I was. With the ambulance on the way , which took ten minutes I assume, its blurry, they gave me several on the spot IVs to help me breathe and adrenalin. They saved my live right there. I cant thank them enough and it was a major incident and took 2 hours till I was stable. The ambulance crew and the people at the ICU were amazing as well. As the severity is sinking in I can just say thank you from the bottom of my heart 20 out of 10.

Excellent attention and very Diligent

vložil Lau ChSalinas
11:11:33 03/05/2018

I can always trust that at Doctor's Grohova I will be well treated, from a routine check-up to a complicated health issue.

First Class

vložil Jon Edward Webb
22:10:10 28/11/2017

The premises are not five star, but the staff, receptionists, nurses and doctors are professional, efficient, helpful and friendly. The doctor I consulted gave me an unrushed 45 minutes - and would have given me longer had I needed it. She was very careful indeed to make sure that she was absolutely clear about what my problems were, and to make sure I fully understood the options open to me. She prescribed medicine that began to take effect within six hours, x-rays, sample analysis and a session with a specialist (and gave me very clear instructions as to how I could easily obtain these). I left at the end of my consultation feeling looked after. and professionally handled. All this for CZK300 (which would have been nothing had I been able to speak Czech. This practice very understandably charges a small fee to insured people who require English-speaking doctors,, as do most practices.) I know that my wife has recommended this practice to many colleagues, who have told her how grateful they were for the recommendation to such a good practice. Having now received first-class treatment there twice in the past two years, I shall join her in recommending them. ps. I am VZP insured. I have no idea of the fees if you are not insured by a recognised scheme.