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Student Visa Application Questions

Hello, were you able to get a visa while in the Czech Republic?


trvaly pobyt

trvaly pobyt I have trvaly pobyt in the Czech Rep but moved back to the UK for good. Do I need...


Delay in the employee card

@wwwexpatscz-2fd4c1273f36e3c8e85739b6d7419c65:disqus @@movetopraguecom:disqus Same here....


CZ holka+American = marriage.relocation.BABY

CZ holka+American = marriage.relocation.BABY Long story Short: together for 2 years and SHE SAID...


Czech Employee Card Application delayed

Dear Vishal, Can you tell me how many days passed till you get your employee card=? I am...


Canadian with Czech/Canadian wife, both retired

thanks, very useful


Planning to move to the Czech Republic, non-EU, currently working in EU

I know of a way to make great money working as a ESL teacher in the Czech Republic. This company...



HELP WITH VISA & BUSINESS LICENSE I am looking for assistance with Prague VISA and buisness...


Job searching process for foreigners

Hi Alina. I have a person who works as a content manager and is moving to CZ. She was searching...


relocating to CR and working for US company

Hello Daniel, I am wondering if you are still in CZ working there? I am searching for IT work...


Flood risks map and contact and housing building companies

Flood risks map and contact and housing building companies Can somebody help me!! I need to...


Staff nurse

speak czech language and see doskolovak in brno. it


Foreigners Owning and Renting Property

Thanks, but I'm not on facebook


Moving to Prague in July

Try this:


Pet Relocation

Do you know the limit on pets? I have seven cats, I'm sure that's too many. Thanks.


Moving GIANT dog to Prague from US

Moving GIANT dog to Prague from US I'm studying in Prague for 2 years and am bringing my...


Moving with Pets

Moving with Pets Hi, I am looking at relocating to Prague from the US. What is the process and...



Hi, Yes you can, but you must register your vehicle within 180 days anyway. I have registered my...


To move or not to move to the Czech Republic?? Please help, join my chat!!

Hi All, We are moving from the UK to Litomerice at the end of July, I am English, my wife is...



Portuguese Hello, hope im posting in the right place. I hope you can help me with the folowing:...


Relocation of snake

Relocation of snake Need to transport my pet corn snake from Prague to London. I have to leave...


Can dependents work in Prague?

Can dependents work in Prague? Hi, I am moving to Prague with Work permit and will be given...


Irish girl making friends in Prague

Irish girl making friends in Prague Hi, I will be moving to Prague in the next 2 months....


Moving to France, car plate issues.

Moving to France, car plate issues. Hi everyone, I'm moving out of Czech to south of France...


New here - unsure of bureaucratic process

An update for you all. We just contacted the Foreign Police office, who have confirmed that, if...


Looking for Six-Ten Extras to act in a Short Film.

Looking for Six-Ten Extras to act in a Short Film. Hello, I am looking for actors to learn...


foreigner moving to CZ but still working for US company?

Thanks for the info Daniel. I'm trying to work out the same thing for myself right now. I...



The police will not be the slightest bit interested in 'trying to find it'.


Lont term visa

Lont term visa Long term visa. Anyone applied for the long term visa for CR from Bratislava,...


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The process of getting Czech citizenship through marriage!!!

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what are the process of getting Czech...

Importing a British car to Czech Republic

Finally - we did it, it only took 11 months....(could have been quicker but we needed to get our...

How to get work permit in Czech Republic ???

I just wondered, can I change my current Visa (student) in Czech Republic and get the other...

Salary Range

Hi guys, Am in the process of getting relocated to Brno. I am a software professional with 7...

Salary range for a junior software quality assurance engineer?

I had an interview last week for a junior software QA position here in Prague. The hardest...

UK Passport Renewal

Process has been changed. You now have to apply to the UK for British passport renewals....

Starting a Business in Prague

Hi there! Greetings from India! I run a Software Company spread over three continents across...

I FOUND IT!!! proof that common-law IS RECOGNISED!

I found this on the web site of the EUROPEAN PARLAMENT......

Door to door freight - Personal recommendation?

Hi all, As there are hundreds of companies offering freight options, just wondered if anyone...

Icon dress code

Hi Just a quick question to check if anyone knows the dress code at Icon? Thanks.