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Sleep clinic

Sleep clinic Hi, I am looking for a good sleep clinic to diagnose sleep apnea. Does anyone know...


Health Insurance

Hello. You can make it here: Fully acceptable for long term visa + best rates


English speaking Opthamologist

Hi This is Rafik Gamal, an Eye Surgeon & Ophthalmologist, with perfect English speaking &...


Orthopedic doctor in Prague

Well, I imaging all Czech Doctors will accept Czech Insurance. :-) Nearly all will accept VZP, is...


whooping cough vaccine

Maybe try your GP?


Staying healthy on the go

Staying healthy on the go Hi, I´m a 5th year med student and I´ve been working on a school...


Need to rent a wheelchair

Need to rent a wheelchair I am plantning a trip to Prague on the 28th of oktober, with my...


Prescriptions - Type 1 diabetes

Hi Sabine, Liz, I have type 1 diabetes and using insulin pump with CGM. I am planning to move in...


Flax seed in prague

you can get it at albert for 7czk/100g- its with the other nuts and seeds... there is a...


English-Speaking ENT / Otolaryngologist / Audiologist?

Thanks for the link. I'll take a look through. I've also been looking at


Lab tests

Lab tests I require MRSA testing, but no medication or consultation. Can i get this done at a lab?


Testing for Sexual Transmitted Diseases

Testing for Sexual Transmitted Diseases Hello, I would like to know where can I get the test for...


First Aid course needed

Hi Matthew, have you found any courses? I am a Canadian medic and have partnered with a CZ medic...


OTC Muscle Rub

OTC Muscle Rub I need to know what the equivalent of Ben Gay, or muscle rub that warms when...


Spouse insurance on national health care

Spouse insurance on national health care does anyone know if your spouse would be covered under...


chiropractor in Prague

Chiropractic "medicine" is not readily found outside of the US. The quotes are...


Gym in Vinohrady

Gym in Vinohrady Hey all -- just wondering where those of you in the Vinohrady go to work out....


Pediatrician n GP -English Speaking- Prague 9 or 8

Pediatrician n GP -English Speaking- Prague 9 or 8 Hi, We're looking for English speaker...


Hot vs. Cold Drinks

What an interesting insight into people's irrational thinking!


Czech vs. American perceptions of illnesses like a common cold

That's an improvement. Perhaps the problem lies with GPs giving people sick notes for...


Canadian medic seeking Czech Dr- business opportunity

Hi Alan. How can I help? my contact is Have a good one, Filip


Best optician store in prague

Best optician store in prague Hello, I'm trying to find the best and the biggest optician...


Where to buy a urine sample container?

Hi Bethany! Any farmacy (Lekarna) will have it. Hope that helps! Keri


Family medical coverage

Family medical coverage I know this question has been asked many times. Does anyone with a...


Veterinary Specialties?

Avoid vets who trained in the Czech Republic (i.e., virtually all of them): they are beyond...


English-friendly sexual health clininc?

My life was full of confusion when my husband left me for another woman and i try everything in...


Need to see an eye doctor

Need to see an eye doctor Please can anyone give me an address of a good eye doctor? Thank you


Health certificate for restaurant chefs in Prague

Health certificate for restaurant chefs in Prague Hi everybody, Who knows where to get health...


HOMEO Doctor in Prague

HOMEO Doctor in Prague Hi all. Can anyone suugest an English speaking HOMEO Doctor in Prague


Heating pad

Got it at Electro World but thanks :)


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Handling erectile dysfunction in Prague...

I need help with handling erectile dysfunction that I'm facing in Prague. I realize the...

masseuse, phsyiotherapist and/or osteopath?

Can anyone recommend a good English speaking masseuse (for therapy not relaxation),...

What are the best yoga classes in English?

I'm looking for a yoga class where I can go in the evenings, where the class is taught in...

Cheapest way to buy protein & other supplements in Prague?

Could you tell me the cheapest way to purchase protein supplements and other supplements in...

Dentist Dentist, I need good dentist

Hello, I am living in Prague for almost 3 years, and I still looking for a good dentist....

Lasik eye surgery

Hi does anyone have any recommendations? prices? experiences here in prague?


So I'm expecting bad news but figured its worth a shot. I recently moved to prague and...

Dentist Needed NOW

Dentist needed now to remove a tooth..not next week now..thanks...

Birth Control/Contraceptive Pill

Hello, I have been living and working Prague since August and I have Czech health insurance...

Suggestions for a GOOD, NOT EXPENSIVE and ETHICAL dentist?!

I'm the son of a dentist, but my father is have to find someone here - but I...