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Roast dinner - stuffing and gravy

Roast dinner - stuffing and gravy Hi All, anyone know where I can get stuffing mix and decent...


Tesco stopped selling the small irish cream capsules for coffee!

Tesco stopped selling the small irish cream capsules for coffee! At least, they stopped selling...


Where can I buy white vinegar (for house cleaning) in Prague ?

This has been covered many times in the Crowdsauce Facebook group. Here is one thread that will...


Where can I buy corn seeds in Prague?

The english term is "kernels". You can find popping corn in DM, Country Life. Maybe...


Where can I buy corn seeds in Prague?

Where can I buy corn seeds in Prague? I am craving popcorn and can't seem to find corn...


Where can I find crawfish in Prague?

I have been living in Czechia for 17 years and never saw crawdads for sale, however Makro sells...


Crock Pot - Where to buy in Prague

For online, almost every "Where can I buy...?" question can be answered on the...


Cuisinart food processor

Most "Where can I buy?" questions can be answered on either or...


Skimmed milk

Yes - it's called odtucene mleko.


Looking for Portuguese restaurants in Prague

there is Oliviera Wine Tapas Bar.


Czech Tap Water - Unsafe?

Are you comparing distilled water to tap water?


Cake Decorating Supplies shop

Cake Decorating Supplies shop Hi all. Are there any cake decorating supply shops in Prague please?


Dill Pickles

Dill Pickles There used to be a good thread on this here, but I think it needs an update. For...


Healthier food in Prague?

I am looking for distilled water for my CPAp machine. Elizabeth


Apple cider vinegar

There's a Korean shop (maybe K-Shop) by V Celnici 2 that have it.


Cherries picking near Prague

Cherries picking near Prague


Raw milk, non-homogenised

I THINK they have raw milk here:


Buying hummus

The best one which I even tried was from Lidl, but I think that is easy to make your own at home. :)


English ingredient lists at grocery stores

alternative: larger Czech M&S stores have UK food/ingredients on offer, with CZ/ENG...



Almost all the super market chains carry fresh sweet potatoes, in Czech they are called Bataty....


Seder in Prague

Chabad would be able to help. I guide Jewish groups in Prague and Poland and we often eat in...


Recycling Beer Bottles

Every supermarket has vratnice, ask at Albert Kde Vratnice? Or just show them your bottles they...


Back Bacon in Czech Republic? Christopher Robertson's butchers shops in...


Czech expat in Cornwall?

Czech expat in Cornwall? Are there any Czech speakers in Cornwall? I have some documents...


Tim Hortons

Nope there is not.


Leisure Time

Leisure Time Hi expats, I'm considering a move to Czech Republic & wondered if expats...


What type of beef should I buy?

Hi, By the way, do you know of ? They have excellent limousine meat from Krkonos...


Can't find Prague Powder #1 in Prague?

May I reccomend doing it the traditional way just with normal salt? The fewer carcenogenic...


T-giving 2016

T-giving 2016 Is anything going on for thanksgiving in Prague? Any expats getting together...


Alcohol service/pop up bar for music event

Hi Dave, 300-500 people! Nice challenge! I will look into it, meanwhile, if you are interested...


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Dunkin Donuts

Hello my Name is Jan i comme from Switzerland, my Englis is not so good. My Question is. Is...

REAL absinthe? Does it exist here?

I know it's not a typical Czech drink, but I managed to find a really nice bottle of...

Cheapest cigar shop in Prague?

Can anyone tell me where I can get the best prices on Cuban cigars in Prague? I've been to...

Pho in Prague 2

I know that a lot of people like pho but don't like having to go to the markets to get it....

Best Pizza in Prague

IMHO Pizza UNO #1 in Prague 4 -KrĨ is the closest I have found to American style pizza. Thin...

The worst customer experience of my life, verbal abuse and intimidation by waiter at

I was just wondering what people thought of this: I went to this restaurant ( Modry Zub...

Pho in Karlin!

What's up everyone, Today I was delighted to find that a new pho restaurant has opened on...

recipes for fruit dumplings (ovoce knedliky?)

Does anyone have a recipe for fruit dumplings? My nanna used to make them for me in Australia but...


Hello. I was wondering if anyone has ever found kale in the czech republic. I was at the zoo...

Meze Restaurant Karlin

How to say this nicely ...... They should closed their newly opened doors! I took my mother for...