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American singer looking for musicians to jam with

Hello Emma! My name is Dmitry! Im a composer and music producer based in Prague, i also have a...


Classical chamber music

Hey Astrid, You can check these places:


Joke Life English Stand-up Comedy Show

Joke Life English Stand-up Comedy Show Hey all, I got an invitation for an English stand-up...


Texas Hold em'

Texas Hold em' I would like to organize a weekly Texas Hold em' game. Ideally keep...


Drummer Needed/Wanted

i play drum and bass only,lol


Any Metalhead?

Salut! Tu peux trouvé facilement les gens dans les bars Hells Bells, Error...



Tagging isn't graffiti art - it's just plain stupid. There's amazing graffiti art...


Musicians/Band wanted

Hi guys, do you need a vocalist? hit me up!


XS black and white dance party Sat 9 Sep in SaSaZu

XS black and white dance party Sat 9 Sep in SaSaZu Hi there, I am heading to a great dance party...


Anyone interested in meeting up?

hi jake you sound like a decent guy - i am here for a week or so in prague ten and i'd...


Roleplaying in Prague (RPG)

I will be moving the Prague soon, do you still play in Prague?


Looking for affordable photographer

Looking for affordable photographer Hello! I'm Nina, an American expat working as an aupair...


Foo Fighers Tickets 27.6.2017 O2 Arena

Foo Fighers Tickets 27.6.2017 O2 Arena Hi, I have 2 tickets to the best 102 sector in 4th row. I...


Vocalist/drummer looking to join/start band

Zdravo Ivane, Mi smo nedavno osnovali bend (basistkinja Cehinja i ja gitara/vokal), recimo prije...


Dancers Wanted

Dancers Wanted Hello people, We are looking for 3 Burlesque dancers (No gogo please) to make a...


EDM Scene in Prague

Hi there i am an multi artist looking for a network people who are intrested in art and i have a...


Swan Lake in April

Swan Lake in April Hi, Does anyone here have an idea if there is any chance or platform where I...


Interpol concert in August

Interpol concert in August Hey guys! Anyone coming to the interpol concert at Lucerna bar August...


New Zealand Artist seeking Studio for rent in Prague

hey greg, I have the ideal space..but its on ground floor. Very safe area though! P4 Branik. If...


Drum cymbals

Drum cymbals Looking at either buying cymbals in Prague or taking with as extra baggage on...


Band Needed for Wedding

Hi Joel! It seems like a month old ad, but if you still searching pls check our web...


Renting Keyboard or Piano practice rooms?

Hi Ashley, I think there are few shops that rent pianos:...


Teacher Trainer in Prague Wanted

Teacher Trainer in Prague Wanted Send your CV together with a motivation letter to...


pool/billiards players wanted

Hey! I'd like to play as well. Let me know when you'd like to play


Bass player looking for weird heavy band

Bass player looking for weird heavy band Hi, I'm a bass player from São Paulo, Brazil....


Keyboard player

Hey Alan, thanks for reply. Could you please drop me a message to...


Bassist to psychedelic rock band in Prague?

We have a bassist already, but we are looking for a guitarist, who loves 60's garage,...


Rock Band member

Rock Band member Hi all, We're three guys band, playing classic (hard) r'n'r...


Free Photo Shoot / social photography project

yeah sounds great? any hp?


Any Stores that Sell Fireworks in Prague area?

Any Stores that Sell Fireworks in Prague area? Hi there- I'm hoping to come to the area to...


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Almodovar's The Skin I Live In with English subtitles

I've just been informed by HCE that Pedro Almodovar's The Skin I Live In will be...

Czech films with English subtitles....internet sites?

Hi all, Does anybody know of any internet sites where you can stream/download czech films with...

Laser tag - where can we play?

Just want to know where we can go to play - hopefully some reasonably priced spots and...

Music Shop?

Hello there, I was wondering: Can you recommend a good music shop in Prague? More specific: A...

English Subtitles for old Czech Comedies

Hello to everyone, My name is Eugene and I am a newcomer to this forum. I am interested in the...

nude waitresses

lived here for awhile, but never been to the bars where the waitresses are fully nude. no not a...

Best Gig Guide?

I feel the need to experience some live music again some time soon, but I can't find a...