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IT Support Analyst

Average monthly salary in Prague is about 27,000 CZK. More for developers and other IT...


Newluvjm c^esky

My grandfather was from Prague, my grandmother , born in Brzotice used to bake butchty, and...


Non-Czech first name when acquiring Cz. citizenship

hyphenated name is not legal in czech. Fact its in some document from other country its pretty...


research paper for interculutural communications class in USA

Hi Jason, did you get any info? I am now preparing a training for expats in the Czech Republic...


Specifics of the Czech Culture what did surprise you-please help with a little s

Specifics of the Czech Culture what did surprise you-please help with a little study Hi, I am...


Seriously learning Czech

Hi Check ou this web site or on fb Czech teacher Alena....





Difficult CZ guy

Hello, dear i am miss anna, i saw your profile at is too nice to me, it is my pleasure...


Job Interview

Hi kindly reply me to i have something to discuss with you. thanks.


Famous Czech movie quote

I happened heard this phrase by my czech family. The metaphor indicates that happiness (color...


Czech highway code in English

Is there such a thing as the Czech highway code in English? I have looked in several book shops,...


Host Families

Host Families Anyone know of any "host family" style living situations in Prague? Or...


Documentary about music & arts

Documentary about music & arts Hello! We are doing a documentary and blogging, starting from...


Czech architecture

Thanks very much, Michael. Very much appreciated.


Czech Name Day?

Check out ''


Burning Bush mini series

Burning Bush mini series Hello, does anyone know where I can download or stream 'burning...


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Location of Reinhard Heydrich Assassination

Hi, Does anyone know the exact location of the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in 1942?...

Brown skin color and Czech behavior

I'm an American (From Florida) who has a Flat in Prague as an vacation home and have noticed...

How do you find czech people in czech?

Hi In other countries you can find people through public adress books. Here in czech this is...

czech mentality by czech girl

I have to say, unfortunatelly you are right! 90% of Czech people have no idea how to behave! I...

Prague Writers Group

Join the group on Facebook at: where you...

Age of consent for sex (15) in Czech Republic is too low

I'm somewhat horrified to learn that the age of consent for sex in the Czech Republic is...

Bus from Praha to Brno

Hi, I was wondering what is the best bus to take from Praha to Brno this weekend, any help...

Fur Coats

Is it acceptable for women to wear fur coats, for warmth and fashion, in the Czech Republic? Do...

The 'Prague dream' is over!!!

I knew it would happen, and it finally has. It has come sooner than I expected though....