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Massage therapist courses

Hi Did you find a school? I can be your Guinea Pig if you need


Affordable Hair Salons in Prague (Need to do highlights )

Looks like there are no affordable hair salons in Prague. If there is anyone out there with a...


Anthocyanin hair dye in prague

Anthocyanin hair dye in prague Hey guys. Who knows any hairdressing saloons in Prague who use...


Good/best plastic surgeon in Prague?

Good/best plastic surgeon in Prague? I am thinking about having a nose job finally and I am...


William McNamee

William McNamee Looking to hiring a Scottish kilt in Prague


Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions Hello guys! Moving to Prague in March 2018. I wear tape-in extensions...


Haircut Black Male

How did that haircut work out? I'm a Black Male in Prague for a week and in need of a...


Black hair salons weaves, braids, etc

Black hair salons weaves, braids, etc I am currently looking very hard for a salon for...


permanent makeup (tattoo)

permanent makeup (tattoo) prices? lip and eyeshadow


Reconstruction on tummy tuck

Reconstruction on tummy tuck Can it be done by Prague Beauty hope im in the right...


Hairdresser Job

Hairdresser Job Hey!! I am looking to move to prague here in the next year or so, but I am going...


Cheap / English Speaker Hair Dresser!

Cheap / English Speaker Hair Dresser! Hey guys! I'm in Prague since over one month now and...


Buy Fake Tan Where

Buy Fake Tan Where has moved into a new forum system! Asked by Troy.Virgo on...


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Toni and Guy at Dlouha: the worst hair dressing experience ever

I had to write this to the customer service in CZ and UK today, as the service was so bad that I...

Toni & Guy - reviews and costs?

Hello everybody, I am looking for a hairdresser in Prague. Heard good things about Toni &...

Where can i get Eyebrows threading done?

Hi all, I want to get my eyebrows done, but through threading and not plucking or waxing. Does...

pedicure manicure?

Can anyone recommend a good place for pedicure, manicure and haircut? it is a present, so...

where can i find here ugg boots?

where can i find here ugg boots?

Economical English-Speaking Haircuts?

Thanks in advance for any replies. I have lived here on month so far, and it's time for...

Any tips for getting a quality eyelash extensions application in Prague?

Hi, anyone can suggest a good lash stylist to get a mink eyelash extensions down in Prague? Just...

women's hair salon?

Hello, I saw an earlier post asking for a place to get a haircut, but it looked like the...

Mac Cosmetics

I heard from somebody that there is now a shop somewhere in Prague selling Mac cosmetics? :D...

English speaking beauty salons

I need beauty salons where staff can speak English. Can any help?? :)