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    375 offers found
    Location: Praha (Praha-Kralovice), K Hájku
    Rooms: 5+kk
    Size (m2): 134 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 12), Podchýšská
    Rooms: 5+kk
    Size (m2): 136 m2
    8,000,000 CZK total
    Location: Chocerady
    Size (m2): 230 m2
    Family villa in Mnichovice
    16,900,000 CZK total
    Location: Mnichovice
    Size (m2): 560 m2
    Location: Unhošť
    Size (m2): 541 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 8)
    Rooms: 7+kk
    Size (m2): 1341 m2
    Location: Ohrobec, Na Širokém I
    Rooms: 4+kk
    Size (m2): 340 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 12), K Vltavě
    Rooms: Larger than 9+2
    Size (m2): 420 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 4), Na Květnici
    Rooms: 9+2
    Size (m2): 530 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 12), K dolům
    Rooms: 9+2
    Size (m2): 600 m2
    Location: Horoměřice
    Rooms: 7+1
    Size (m2): 290 m2
    Location: Roztoky, Lidická
    Size (m2): 179 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha-Nebusice), U Pohádky
    Rooms: 5+kk
    Size (m2): 253 m2
    Location: Velké Přílepy, Máchova
    Rooms: 6+kk
    Size (m2): 180 m2
    Location: Černošice, Olbrachtova
    Rooms: 7+1
    Size (m2): 557 m2
    Novostavby 6+kk (5+kk) / terasa/ garáž
    4,590,000 CZK total
    Location: Unhošť, Terasy I
    Rooms: 6+kk
    Size (m2): 148 m2
    Location: Unhošť, Terasy I
    Rooms: 6+kk
    Size (m2): 148 m2
    Location: Rudná
    Rooms: 5+1
    Size (m2): 202 m2
    Location: Unhošť, Terasy I
    Rooms: 3+kk
    Size (m2): 63 m2
    Location: Unhošť, Terasy I
    Rooms: 6+kk
    Size (m2): 148 m2
    House Harrachov
    4,880,000 CZK total
    Location: Harrachov
    Rooms: 6+kk
    Size (m2): 130 m2
    Location: Dolní Břežany, Pražská
    Rooms: 7+kk
    Size (m2): 240 m2
    Location: Jinočany
    Rooms: 2+1
    Size (m2): 50 m2
    Sale, 2 bedroom family house of 112 m2
    5,450,000 CZK total
    Location: Chýně, Střední
    Size (m2): 112 m2
    Sale, Villa, 400 m2
    0 CZK total
    Location: Nespeky, Ledecká
    Size (m2): 400 m2