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    375 offers found
    Location: Choteč
    Rooms: 6+1
    Size (m2): 900 m2
    Country residence in central location
    59,500,000 CZK total
    Location: Praha (Praha 5)
    Size (m2): 660 m2
    Location: Roztoky, Jungmannova
    Rooms: 7+kk
    Size (m2): 270 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 7)
    Size (m2): 600 m2
    Row house in village Chlum
    390,000 CZK total
    Location: Chlum
    Rooms: 8+1
    Size (m2): 470 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 10), Květnická
    Rooms: 9+2
    Size (m2): 280 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 22), Františka Diviše
    Rooms: 4+kk
    Size (m2): 149 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 8), Na Stráži
    Rooms: 8+1
    Size (m2): 230 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha-Lipence), Jílovišťská
    Size (m2): 248 m2
    Location: Průhonice, Sadová
    Rooms: 5+1
    Size (m2): 300 m2
    Location: Harrachov
    Rooms: 9+1
    Size (m2): 375 m2
    Location: Praha, 9. května
    Rooms: 5+kk
    Size (m2): 128 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 9), Ježovická
    Rooms: 6+kk
    Size (m2): 275 m2
    Location: Zdiby, Klecanská
    Rooms: 6+kk
    Size (m2): 200 m2
    Location: Loučeň, Ke Škole
    Rooms: 6+kk
    Size (m2): 460 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 21), Nesměřická
    Rooms: Larger than 9+2
    Size (m2): 425 m2
    Location: Bolešiny
    Rooms: 5+kk
    Size (m2): 175 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha-Seberov), Plečnikova
    Rooms: 5+kk
    Size (m2): 186 m2
    Location: Praha (Praha 13), Pod viaduktem
    Rooms: 8+1
    Size (m2): 550 m2
    House 4 + 1, 120m2, Bubovice
    3,993,520 CZK
    Location: Vejprnice, U Křížku
    Rooms: 4+1
    Size (m2): 144 m2
    Location: Čermná
    Rooms: 4+kk
    Size (m2): 140 m2
    Location: Mariánské Lázně, Na Průhonu
    Rooms: 3+kk
    Size (m2): 360 m2
    Location: Lány, Březová
    Rooms: 5+kk
    Size (m2): 160 m2
    Location: Dobřichovice, V Luhu
    Rooms: 5+kk
    Size (m2): 290 m2
    Location: Statenice, Zelená
    Rooms: 5+1
    Size (m2): 196 m2