FREE: Thriller Novel Set in Prague - The God Complex (New Release 2011)

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Happy New Year Praha!
Limited Time Offer: 30/12 - 31/12

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Inspired by true events, The God Complex takes readers on a thrill ride through Chinese medicine. Desperate for a cure and spurned by his Western physicians, Steve Benson was left with no other choice but to take a leap of faith Ö a leap that landed him in Bostonís Chinatown. After years of drinking foul smelling concoctions and getting stuck with needles, he emerged healed and well-trained in their secret arts. However, he never forgot the dismissive attitudes of his Western physicians. Follow along as a dynamic conspiracy ensues, pitting Eastern medicine against its critics in the West. Discover the secrets of Chinese medicine and its connection to martial arts as the mystery unfolds.

Set in Prague, the book also serves as a surrogate tour guide, offering readers a unique perspective of the city and its culture. Learn a few Czech words, dishes, and customs. Find the restaurants described inside and dine with locals. Turn your trip to Prague into an adventure. - View Map . Voted #1 Travel Novel by Prague Self Guided Tours

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